When do you find out the gender of your baby?

Since the first months of pregnancy, the baby gender, which is one of the topics that parents expect impatiently, is frequently searched on the internet. With the completion of the development of the baby in months, the geNder of the babies is learned. So, when do you find out the gender of your baby? how many weeks to find out the gender? Let’s go for learn !

How many weeks to find out the gender?

Gender determination in the early pregnancy week is also related to the development of the ultrasonography device. when do you find out the gender of your baby? You can learn your baby’s gender about 13-16 week during gestational week. Especially male infants can be recognized early. However, in the early pegnancy week, monitoring the genital cord can be misleading experts, indicating that the detection of baby girls is therefore more late.

It is not possible to understand the gender of the baby in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, an estimated gender can be determined by vaginal ultrasound. The gender of the baby becomes apparent after the 16th week of pregnancy. In particular, it is possible to determine the gender of the baby precisely after the 20th pregnancy week.

How to know if you re having a boy?

When do you find out the gender of your baby

There was no ultrasound in the past and pregnant women could learn the sex of babies after giving birth. So they invented something to learn infant gender for purely recreational purposes that were not scientific. Come on, let’s have fun too (there was no risk to your health)

  • The heartbeat of the baby is important for providing information as well as being a voice that reassures a pregnant woman. According to the old, if the heart rate is over 140 per minute, the baby girl is coming.
  • Boil the cabbage and put the juice in a bowl. Add a few drops of urine into this water. If you are having a boy, color turns purple. And ıf the color of the water turns pink, you will have a baby girl.
  • According to the Mayan calendar, if the mother’s and the baby’s birth years are both odd or both, the baby will be a girl. If you are having a girl , it will be odd number.
  • Another urine test! Place two or three tablespoons of carbonate in a bowl and add some amount of urine. If there are too many bubbles in the mixture, you will have a boy, and if there is a small scale reaction, you will have a daughter

!What is written is never scientific (proven). Written just for fun!


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