When my baby will walk ?

When my baby will walk ,The age of walking in children can be as long as 12-18 months. For a child who has not been able to walk for more than 18 months, it is necessary to consult an expert. The use of walkers before age suggests that the growth plates of children begin to bear load without reaching sufficient maturity;

We’il ask ourselves when my baby will walk. Well, what do we do to support him?  Do not force the child to wear shoes at home. The use of a first step shoe in a toddler does not make any difference. In recent years, studies show that the choice of footwear in children is not beneficial in changing the shape of the foot. And influencing the course of flatfoot. Forcing shoes to wear in the house, to carry in the sand under the foot of the bottle methods such as rounding does not contribute to the shaping of the feet.

Is walking wicked dangerous?

Custom-made shoes are preferred for metatarsus adductus (ie, distorted forefoot) as well as for foot-turn of the foot. Reverse bot use is only recommended for this situation. The use of reverse boots in hatchback, which is determined from the hip or tibia, is of no use. In order to maintain equilibrium during walking, children keep the step gap wide apart from adults, in which case a den walk kin walk can be seen. A dislocation of a duck can be seen in a double-sided hip dislocation. But the distinction must be provided by an expert opinion. The presence of hip dislocation in the family, a history of difficult birth, a history of arson application increase the risk. In addition, girls born from the first pregnancy are in the risk group for hip dislocation. Particular attention is paid to these children.

Attention to the appearance of braces and X leg!

Parentalization or iop x anda deformity, which is seen on the legs, may be a precursor to the metabolic disease, such as the idiopathic cause. In these cases, the child is monitored with expert follow-up without using any auxiliary orthopedic devices. Surgical intervention is rarely required in these cases, most of which resolve spontaneously. With early diagnosis, smaller surgeries are much simpler than major surgeries and curvature can be controlled.
If he walks at the end of his finger Parma

Walking characteristics are important in children. In fact, most of the children who applied to the outpatient clinic with the diagnosis of gait disturbance show the walking style appropriate for the age we call physiological. However, some mild form muscle spasticities, early hip dislocations can be missed. For example, the most common finger-tipping is the orthopedist and pediatric neurologist after 3 years of age. Fingertip gait, which is considered to be normal until 3 years of age, may indicate a mild muscle spasticity after 3 years of age.

How can I help my baby learn to walk?

Follow up on specific periods

One of the other common problems is that the feet are squeezed or the children sit in the bir we have position while sitting. And they are caused by the problems in the hip. It is also necessary to follow a large part of these children periodically. If the difficulty in walking is frequently accompanied by problems such as falling and falling, further examination may be required. In professional athletes or dancers, some leg alignment disorders may present with knee and low back pain. Sequence correction surgeries can be considered in these children or young people without progressive joint pain.

when my baby will walk

Contouring effects limited

Most of the children’s wrong or problematic foot or walking patterns are actually changes seen in the normal development process. And it is necessary to follow up periodically. However, this should be done by an orthopedist who is experienced in the differentiation of this condition or a precursor of a disease. The foot-shaping effects of custom-made shoes, ie orthoses, are limited. But are preferred in certain situations. Many families use unnecessary shoes or insoles. For this reason, the advancement of expert control is very important for the orthopedic development of the child. You can comment on our article when my baby will walk


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