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While the diseases themselves can sometimes be certain, some can be hidden. Articles contain information about the symptoms and causes of the disease. This information is intended only to give you advice and information. You should go to the doctor without neglecting for any disease without saying the small and small.

Baby diseases are very difficult for parents. Babies cannot express themselves because they cannot talk. But some indication may indicate which disease you have. We also offer articles about these diseases and symptoms.

If you need to take medication, if necessary, the disease indication can be solved only by feeding.

jaundice in newborn when to worry 5

Jaundice In Newborns When To Worry

Jaundice in newborns when to worry, every baby can have this disease. But; the level of the disease is very important. If you have jaundice on...

What causes crossed eyes in babies 0

What causes crossed eyes in babies ?

There lies the little one, happy and content. It laughs and keeps a close eye on what’s going on around it. But sometimes the eyes...

Red skin around eyes baby 0

Red Skin Around Eyes Baby

Infants may experience redness around the eyes and skin. This is one of the most common skin problems of babies. If your baby has rashes...

Early Childhood Caries 4

Complication of Early Childhood Caries

Early Childhood Caries (ECC) refers to the occurrence of a single or many decayed, missing, or filled tooth surfaces in an infant generally between the age...

Hand Foot Mouth Symptoms 19

Hand Foot Mouth Disease Symptoms

Hand foot mouth disease is a viral disease that occurs with Coxackie virus. It is highly contagious. Can do epidemics in kindergartens, schools in summer...

Nosebleed causes 21

Nosebleed causes in child

Nosebleed; bleeding from any part of the layer called mucosa, laying the inside of the nose. Nasal bleeding is divided into two. Anterior nosebleeds: Nasal...

Asthma symptoms 3

Asthma symptoms and causes

Asthma is a breathing disorder . Asthma is a well known respiratory disorder. It is commonly seen in children and adults too dealing with it. It...