Does Insulin Resistance Causes Weight Gain?

Although the body can produce enough insulin can not use effectively. When insulin resistance develops, glucose cannot enter and cannot be used in the cells. And glucose in the blood rises and prediabetes (secret sugar) reveals Type 2 Diabetes over time. What are the causes of insulin resistance?

If the insulin resistance is suspected early and the diagnosis is made early. The disease and disorder of many organs can be prevented. When insulin resistance develops, muscle, fat and liver cells are not able to respond to insulin. And blood glucose cannot be taken into the cell, so more insulin is needed. The beta cells of the pancreas secrete more insulin by working harder to meet the growing need. As long as the beta cells can produce excess insulin, the blood glucose levels remain within the normal range that should be in the healthy person.

Over time, beta cells become unable to meet the body’s growing insulin needs. When there is not enough insulin, blood glucose rises, prediabetes and then diabetes manifest itself.(Insulin resistance) High blood glucose, over time, causes damage to the nerves and blood vessels, leading to complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and lower extremity amputation.

How to feed children and young people

Mothers who want to learn about food and drinks that negatively affect the nutrition of children and young people can take notes: Chips (including all kinds, not including trans fats), wafers, biscuits, burgers, all kinds of fastfood food eaten on toes, excess of fried potatoes, carbonated-sugar drinks, energy all kinds of beverages, brownies, packaged cakes and the like, packaged sugar, flour, rice, fats, etc. These affect your children’s growth negatively when consumed frequently.

 Insulin resistance Causes

Excess weight and obesity: Obesity is considered to be the most important cause for the development of insulin resistance, especially excessive fat accumulation around the waist. If you are suffering from obesity. You may have weight gain problems with insulin resistance

Research has shown that fat in the abdominal region, which is seen only as an energy store, produces hormones that can cause serious health problems such as insulin resistance syndrome , high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

 Physical inactivity: There are many studies that show that physical inactivity is associated with insulin resistance, ultimately leading to type 2 diabetes. Most of the glucose in the body is used by muscle cells rather than other tissues. The muscle first uses the glucose that it stores itself, then takes the blood glucose and fills its stores and thus keeps the blood glucose at a normal level. After exercise, the muscles become more sensitive to insulin, reducing insulin resistance. Even the exercise helps muscles use more glucose without the need for insulin. Again, with exercise, the muscles become stronger, the blood glucose level becomes easier to control, and there is no easy resistance to insulin.

Sleep problems: Studies have shown that untreated sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea syndrome, increase the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in obesity.

Insulin Resistance Causes

Genetic factors

Mutations in the receptors of the cell membranes of muscle, liver and other tissues, which are very sensitive and related to the insulin hormone, decrease in the number of receptors, attenuation of the binding of the insulin to the receptor. And disorders of the proteins involved in the signal transduction of the glucose in the cell and the genetic factors. In addition, abnormalities in the synthesis of insulin hormones (mutation). And antibodies that appear in the body against insulin are also factors that may be effective in the development of diabetes.

Some genetic disorders, hormones, steroids, such as the use of some drugs, advanced age and smoking, insulin resistance may cause.

You have insulin resistance ? Test…

If you are overweight or obese, you should have a checkup test since you may have prediabetes, one with more or more diabetes risk factors. And those with a age of 45 years or older. These risk factors include:

If you are physically inactive, have a parent or sister with diabetes in your family,  have given birth to a baby over 4 pounds or more,  have been diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, have polycystic ovary syndrome,If your blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg,  have cardiovascular disease, LDL-cholesterol above 140 mg / dL with HDL cholesterol below 35 mg / dL, cholesterol above 200 mg / dL, 150 If you have triglycerides on mg / dL,

If your glucose tolerance is impaired Even if the test results are within the normal range, have them inspected every 2-3 years for early diagnosis. And your weight and fat ratio is high, these tests can be done more frequently according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Are you ready to fight against insulin resistance and hidden sugar?

  • Adopt healthy eating as a lifestyle.
  • Eat less but often.
  • Eat healthy snacks instead of junk food whenever you’re hungry.
  • For enough water.
  • Reduce your fat and calorie intake
  • Be more active by brisk walking 5 days 30 minutes a week.
  • If you are not physically active, have your health check by applying to your physician before starting the exercise program.
  •  Aerobic activities that accelerate the circulation of the heart. Which allows us to use our big muscles such as walking, climbing and swimming, prefer muscle strengthening activities such as weight lifting, shuttle, push-ups.

Do not neglect your periodic inspection and inspection. Insulin resistance is not a fault. Insulin resistance is the body’s defense mechanism, meaning that the body can be a diabetes patient.  Because this small signal can then cause permanent diabetes. Apart from that, gel how will I understand the body’s insulin resistance ’questions are coming.

The body gives the symptom already, before the blood test how the symptoms are very fast, if you have sugar crises, after dinner, dizziness, concentration disorders, hand foot tremors, if you are hungry for a long time if you are hungry. Even if you are fast when you feel yourself hungry situations such as insulin resistance symptoms. In addition, the body, neck, back, knee cap, elbow, such as blackening in parts and men’s irregularities. If you have symptoms like this, I suggest you take a blood test as soon as possible. Insulin resistance is a condition that makes weight gain and weight loss difficult. If you think that you can not give much attention to without notice. The most important guilty of this may be your insulin resistance.

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