Can I eat popcorn while pregnant? Is it allowed?

Can i eat popcorn while pregnant? In early pregnancy, many moms have no desire to eat some of the healthy foods they used to love, such as vegetables, leafy greens, or meat. But do not worry, the appetite comes back for many pregnant women in the second and third trimesters. Focus on good nutritional foods like popcorn.

Yes, pregnant women can enjoy popcorn during pregnancy. Although some consider it junk food, this product contains key nutrients including vitamins and minerals that have a good source of carbohydrates. Whether sweet or salty with olive oil – it is one of the few snacks that will not hurt both you and your baby.

can i eat popcorn while pregnant

Popcorn during pregnancy helps with heartburn

Eating popcorn, you can sweeten not only your movie. It can relieve “typical” symptoms in pregnancy, such as heartburn alleviation and morning sickness.

The vexing heartburn arises due to the yellow body hormone progesterone that the organism produces during pregnancy. The progesterone relaxes the smooth muscles, such as the muscular ring between the stomach and the esophagus. 

Thus, the acid-containing stomach can ascend liquid, which leads to unpleasant heartburn.

Popcorn binds the acid in the stomach and absorbs it like a sponge. But that only works with unsalted and unsweetened popcorn.

Popcorn during pregnancy improves the digestive system

A digestive problem such as constipation in pregnancy is a regularly occurring problem due to the progesterone hormone. So with a paper bag of popcorn, you can prevent constipation as it is rich in fiber, which is good for digestion.

Eating popcorn during pregnancy keeps blood pressure stable

High blood pressure is a classic case during pregnancy. Pregnant women need more salt than before, so add toppings.

The salted popcorn can reduce your high blood pressure.

Also, salt helps maintain the balance of fluids and minerals. Of course, it does not mean that you should consume too much salt. Salt can lead to high blood pressure. It is enough only in a small serving.

Popcorn during pregnancy has a lot to offer

Popped corn includes essential nutrients and vitamins such as B1, B2, and B6, as well as the nutrient iron. Vitamin B1 conducts a variety of tasks in the human body. It is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and supports the production of energy. It is good for your baby’s health and development.

Furthermore, it helps in the structure of the baby’s muscles and nerve cells.

As well as B1, vitamin B2 is involved in many metabolic processes. It also ensures that other B vitamins, such as folic acid and the nutrient, iron, can be recovered from your body to the optimum.

Popcorn also supplies a good dose of Vitamin B6. This vitamin helps your baby in the formation of hemoglobin and the development of its nerve cells. Vitamin B6 can also reduce the annoying pregnancy nausea significantly.

Because you need these vital substances during pregnancy, then consuming popcorn makes sense.

What should pregnant women be aware of eating popcorn?

Despite popcorn supplying you and your baby with many vital elements you should not overdo eating popcorn. If you want to control the sugar and salt content in your air-popped/microwave popcorn, then the motto is making popcorn yourself. Making popcorn, you should avoid unhealthy toppings, like a lot of butter or salt.

These toppings are fine in small amounts.

Too much salt and butter, even powdered sugar, can cause health problems, such as gestational diabetes. Avoid any of the commercial microwavable popcorn or movie theater popcorn during pregnancy as this is high in sugar, calories, and saturated fat. Such popcorns taste good but can cause excessive weight gain.

Air-popped popcorn with no oils can provide the best health benefits. So you can make air-popped popcorn by heating corn kernels in a popcorn maker or on a stovetop.


Is it OK to eat popcorn during pregnancy?

Yes, if you eat popcorn during pregnancy it has many health benefits. Popcorn is a whole grain and has nutritional value for pregnant women.

As a whole grain, it has high amounts of zinc, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, and protein, so there are plenty of benefits to including this tasty snack in your diet.

Is it OK to eat microwave popcorn while pregnant?

Honestly, you should avoid microwavable popcorn during pregnancy. As a microwavable bag often contains chemical additives. The temperature in microwaves is high which will let fluorotelomers break down into PFOA, which is known to be transmitted to the fetus. This compound can cause developmental delays in the baby.

Microwave popcorn may also cause liver disease. So food safety is especially important for expectant moms.

Is popcorn safe in first trimester?

In early pregnancy, you need to eat three meals a day, in addition to one or two snacks. Eat snack-like popcorn during the first trimester, as it is a healthy snack and has essential nutrients.

Protein. As a fuel, it supplies amino acids for energy to the body. These are critical for the muscle development of your baby.

Folic acid. It is an essential nutrient and plays a key role in preventing neural tube defects. It is also considered to be a prenatal vitamin. So to get recommended 600 micrograms, take this vitamin daily and eat popcorn during pregnancy.

Iron. It is also important for you and your baby’s development. Snack-like popcorn is rich in large quantities of iron. 100 grams contain 3 milligrams of this nutrient.

What are the benefits of popcorn during pregnancy?

Here are some benefits of eating popcorn during pregnancy: popcorn is a whole grain rich in fiber, which prevents from leading gestational diabetes. Also, if you want not to worry about gaining weight, eat popcorn because it is super low in calories.

The main benefits of eating popcorn are it regulates blood sugar, relieves constipation, and lower cholesterol levels. Believe it or not, popcorn has a high protein content that carries oxygen in your blood to your tissues.

Why do I crave popcorn when pregnant?

Wanting snacks is a normal part of pregnancy. A sudden desire for a salty snack like popcorn might be contributed to low sodium levels.

However, if you find yourself experiencing strong cravings for huge amounts of salty treats during your second and third trimester. You may talk about it with a doctor, especially if it is not normal for you.

What snacks to avoid while pregnant?

Examples of foods to avoid include sushi, poultry, ham, salami, paté, raw eggs, and sandwiches. The main risk of eating raw and undercooked foods is the bacteria that can infect your unborn baby.

Is popcorn good for baby?

Popcorn has a positive impact on the baby’s health. It provides a huge amount of protein that accelerates a baby’s development and growth.

Vitamins of group B that contain popcorn have a beneficial effect on the nerve cells of your unborn baby. Besides vitamins, it has also starch that promotes the growth of muscle mass.

Is popcorn good for pregnancy nausea?

Pregnancy changes your hormones, causing nausea, and popcorn can be a lifesaver when you cannot hold much food down. A sprinkle of salt or olive oil on it can be soothing during morning sickness and helps keep nutritional value.

If you want to reduce nausea during pregnancy, eat smaller portions of healthy foods in between meals. Popcorn is a good option for you in this case.


After reading this article, you now know that a snack like popcorn is generally safe during pregnancy and if you enjoy whole grains, now is a great time to eat popcorn at home or eat movie theater popcorn.

But mindless eating popcorn during pregnancy can be easily done. The advice here is to portion it out into a separate container, by this you might check how much you are eating. So you can just enjoy this healthiest snack fearlessly.

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