Abdominal Pain in Baby

In the first months of life, the most disturbing of the child and the mother-panic, especially in the evening, especially when the child is crying for no reason. It has a distressed view. Her face is red, her mouth faint. Her abdomen is tense, stretched and firm. It looks like hungry, makes sucking movements, hands and feet are cold. Don’t worry, this is the gas pangs. This may extend from 3-5 minutes to 2-3 hours. abdominal pain in baby is a very common problem.

abdominal pain in infants

First of all, gas pains should be prevented. For this, the mother should pay attention to the foods she eats. Avoid spicy foods such as onions, cabbage, leeks, celery, dry beans, chickpeas, roast, bitter, sour, pepper, which may cause gas in the child. Prepared fruit juices should not take drinks such as cola or soda. Never use alcohol or cigarettes during breastfeeding. * Suckle your child as steep as possible

  •  Breastfeeding with the tip of the nipple behind the tip of the darker part of your child’s mouth isola be careful. So your child will swallow less air. * Feed your child upright if you are feeding with a bottle. Make sure that the baby does not have air in the part of your child. * Help your baby remove gas. At the end of breastfeeding, try to remove your child’s gas from one breast to the other,

causes abdominal pain in baby

Put a towel on your shoulder and put your child on the lap between the chest and shoulders. Try to remove the gas with strokes or light strokes. If you do not remove the gas in this position within 2-3 minutes, put the face in the sheep position and repeat the same movements in the face position. If you do not remove the gas within 2-3 minutes, place it on the side without jerking. He’il take his gas out later.

Please tell her lullaby. Don’t worry that my voice is not beautiful your child will love your voice the most. You will see this method for hundreds of years and it will be good for your baby. If you cannot do this work yourself, you can use the lullaby and classical music cassettes and CDs. * Touch it. Press your bare arm as far as possible. Take your baby to your lap frequently, the warmth of the mother’s lap will do her best.

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Abdominal Pain in Baby


A professional form of touching massagea you can start when your baby is 3-4 weeks. The emotional connection between the mother and the baby is a powerful way of communication. The massage calms and relaxes the baby and has a positive effect on the physical and spiritual development.

Again massage increases the insulin secretion in the body facilitates the absorption of foods. Strengthens the immune system, increases the body resistance, relieves the respiratory system. Reduces the load of the heart by activating circulation. Pain provides more blood to the abdomen and intestines, making digestion easier. It facilitates the discharge of gas and stool by activating the discharge system. It allows your child to spend a more peaceful infancy by breaking down large air bubbles that cause gas pains in the intestines and away from painful sensitive areas.


0.5-1 hours after feeding your baby on your back. Wash your hands thoroughly after drying and olive oil or oil with a baby oil. Press gently into the abdomen with circular and rhythmic movements clockwise, upward and downward, starting from the lower right of the abdomen. Again, with one hand, gently press the abdomen from top to bottom, with the other hand lifting your legs up and trying to touch the abdomen. Also, press with your fingers at different points of the abdomen. Repeat these movements several times a day for 5-6 minutes. Massage also facilitates gas outlet and defecation, prevents constipation.

Do not apply excessive pressure on your baby while massaging your baby. But in your movements you feel by your baby. This increases his confidence and confidence. After a while you will easily understand how much you need to print based on the response from your baby and will become natural in your movements. If your baby has gas pains; First of all, be aware that the well-fed, saturated and developing babies become gas pains. Again, you should know that the gas pains which started in about 3-4 weeks have ended spontaneously in about 4-5 months.


  • You can put a heated towel at any heat source (such as iron, stove, heater).
  • And You can put warm water or warm water pads. You can have a bath with warm water.
  • Take your baby in your lap in an upright position inside the house; rhythmically shaking light-light hopping.
  • Baby to walk with the baby in the street.
  • You can drive a small city by car.
  • You can play music. And You can say lullaby.

You can also do the abdominal massage mentioned above, but some children react to the massage during the gas pains and in such cases you should give up the massage. All of these processes process large pieces of air bubbles that accumulate in sensitive points in the intestines and away from them. If, despite all of this, your child is still cranky about the gas pains, consult your doctor and take some of herbal teas or medicines according to her recommendations.

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