Red Skin Around Eyes Baby

Infants may experience redness around the eyes and skin. This is one of the most common skin problems of babies. If your baby has rashes along with redness, this may be a different type of disease. In this article we have written information about red skin around eyes baby. Come on to read.

The cause of red skin around the eyes in infants is usually caused by infections. This is caused by various bacteria. Infant skin differs from adults, is thin and sensitive; can cause many skin diseases from rash to dandruff, rash to eczema. So Babies should not dry their skin, protect from the sun, creams, shampoos and detergents should be selected consciously.

Hands of persons who are caring for infants in the newborn period pose a risk due to infection. Therefore, frequent washing of hands by people who come into contact with the baby prevents infants from becoming infected.

Red skin around eyes baby


Skin Peeling: It is a condition that is caused by the post-natal discharge of the protective layer covering the baby while in the womb. It disappears in a few weeks after birth. The treatment is to wash the baby without slight irritation and moisten the baby’s body after bathing.

Skin Dryness: The baby’s skin fat cells produce less oil secretion is the main cause of dryness. It may disappear with the increase of oil secretion over time or sometimes it may continue to pave the way for the development of eczema. Dryness is affected by external factors. A number of measures should be taken to prevent dryness. Baby clothes should be washed with delicate detergents. Babies should never be dressed without washing. The clothes should be 100 percent cotton. You should was with little detergent and plenty of rinsing water to clothes . Incorrect detergent use causes the development of allergic reactions that manifest itself in the form of redness and itching of the skin.

If there are burrs around the eyes, the tear ducts may be blocked.

Wash and dry your baby’s face with baby shampoo and warm water .If redness around the eyes has not run out in a day, you should go a doctor. The eye is an important and sensitive organ. Therefore, you should pay attention to the advice of your doctor.

Other Causes for red skin around eyes baby

  • Microbial health problems
  • Blow to eye
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sunlight
  • dry environment and windy weather
  • touch your baby’s eyes.

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