Twin Baby Care – The Best Practices

Having children is the most beautiful and the happiness of the world. Especially if these children are twins, this means folding of joy and happiness. Having twins is not easy and their care can be difficult for the mother alone. You can read our article to support you on twin baby care.

Also called multiple pregnancy in medicine; more than one child in a pregnancy is usually in the form of twin pregnancy. Triplets, quadruplets,  Pregnancies are seen in lesser rates. Twenty-two percent of twins born as a result of twin pregnancies are identical twins and 75% are twins. Twin pregnancies usually occur if there is a twin pregnancy in close or distant relatives. With a genetic predisposition to twin pregnancies, 1 or 1 children who have previously had 1 or 1 children are more likely to have twin pregnancies. In the recent years, twin pregnancies are more common in women who are pregnant as a result of special treatment but not twin pregnancies in the family. It is estimated that there are 45-50 thousand twin pregnancies in our country with an average of 1.5-2 million births per year.

Having Twin Baby

The identical twins after the unification of a single egg in the womb with a single sperm; the fertilized egg is divided into two parts and each part develops as a separate living thing, and these are real twins. The identical twins are of the same sex, almost like a copy of each other. Although different DNA, blood groups, fingerprints are the same. Twin baby care may be hard because ; They generally like the same things, they react similar to the same stimuli. They have similar intelligence levels (IQ). Pairs of twins; two separate sperm in the womb is formed by fertilizing two separate eggs. The twin twins have a completely different type, character and appearance from each other. Mostly their gender is different. They give different responses to the same stimulus. Their DNA, blood groups, fingerprints and intelligence levels (IQ) are different.


What is good is that in recent years, pregnancies are followed by advanced ultrasound 2-3. It is possible to recognize twin pregnancy; this leaves enough time for the parents to prepare for the birth and later. First, make a plan for the family members who can take care of the child. Who will do what and what tasks will undertake it. Make a list of things to do. Know that the twins may arrive 4-8 weeks early, and start preparations early and take two pieces of everything. If possible, find someone to help you in child care any time.

This could be a grandmother, grandmother or a professional helper. Go to work with Dad. When the father is at home, while the mother is dealing with housework, the father should look after the children or the father takes care of another child while the father takes care of the other child. The father should feed the children’s food, remove the gas and change the diaper. But a mother should never concentrate on her. Mother and father should deal with both children. Keep separate books for twins and keep these books very well. You get backups of all the stuff you use. Ready-made cloth, ready-made aprons will make your work easier. You can take advantage of twin cars to go outside. Because of the difficulty of use, it is more practical to use twin carriages next to each

get toys for twin baby care

The children’s playground you can take home can keep them long-term. You should take a separate car seat both for car travel. Do not install the car seat on the front seat and never place children in the front seat. Let the housework not be perfect. Choose easy prepared dishes. Don’t worry about the dust, clutter, linen, iron, dishwasher and cleaning. When babies are asleep, try to rest, if possible, to sleep for a short time. Do not hesitate to ask your spouse or close relatives for help with baby care and housework.

If you have families with twin children around you can meet with them to experience. NUTRITION OF TWINS Your milk is enough for both of your babies. First of all, you should be in milk I can feed my children with my own milk thought structure. Remember that you feed twin children; increase the amount of nutrients and nutrients that are high in your diet, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, juice, meat, chicken, fish, eggs. You should be in the same room with the kids as long as you suckle. And You can feed both of your babies at the same time. You can place breasts on both breasts and breasts by placing their breasts in front of each other.

Feeding FOR TWİN Baby

Twin Baby Care

Feeding is very importan for twin baby care. If you have difficulty doing this, you can also apply the feeding process. If your milk is not enough, while you feed a baby, your spouse or helper can eat the baby’s milk after taking the mother’s milk. Breast milk as long as they take breast milk, and then if not enough to provide additional food. If possible, give them everything with a spoon as long as they receive breast milk. Change the breast that you give to babies each time. In this diet, if you give your right breast to your first born baby, you must give your baby the left breast at the next feeding.

Breastmilk For twins

Both breasts should be adequately stimulated by both children. If you are feeding with a bottle; for two children at the same time to prepare the food and give the same meal to your children. This saves you time and eliminates the chaos that I have fed when the child was fed up. While feeding with a bottle, lay your children on a comfortable sofa or on a bed. You can use a thin cushion to keep your head high during feeding. You can take one bottle to each hand and present it to your children as steep as possible. Make sure that there is no air in the mouth of the child.

If you have a helper at home, you can help bottle-feeding and you can hold it in an upright position at the same time. Do not forget to remove the gas after feeding. Children fed with a bottle of milk to eat more than the mother’s milk, these children in the uppermost feeding and take more care to remove the gas. Depending on the condition of development, gas and vomiting, sometimes your doctor may suggest different foods to the twins. For example, one of the twins may have excessive vomiting and your doctor may recommend him to use non-vomiting food. You should act according to your doctor’s recommendations. It may be necessary to start additional nutrients earlier to the twins, for which you should also consult your doctor.


Leaving less common twins, the most common twins in the community are two siblings born at the same time, or two separate children, completely different from each other. Never forget this while raising twins. Twins should never be compared to each other. Abilities and development; it is from the same mother and father, but they are completely different from each other. They should often be told that they are two different people and therefore their development will be different at different times. Thus, according to the other brother, the development of the slower and the more limited the ability of certain subjects to be psychologically bad is prevented. Brother jealousy is also minimized if all the immediate surroundings, including the mother and father, show equal interest and love to the twins.

Should You Dress Your Twins Alike?

Dressing the same outfit for twins can make parents happy. However, if they do not want to be forced on this issue. It might be better to dress them on different days even if they have the same clothes.

should twin children go to the same school

Should be sent to separate schools if possible. If it is not possible, they should study in separate classes at the same school. When they are in the same class, their friends, teachers, or the close environment inevitably compare them; Individual development should be promoted in accordance with their own abilities, and if possible, they should be provided with other people in separate activities.

  • Instead of saying twins to them should be addressed with their names.
  • Separate beds, separate items, separate cabinets should be taken care.
  • If your home is available it is also useful to have separate rooms.
  • As parents, share your love and love equally to your children and take care of each child one by one. A mother and child should never own a child and exclude the other.
  • You should warn your close circle, friends and teachers to see the twins as two separate individuals and never compare them to each other.

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