What benefits does breast milk have for both mother and baby?

Breast milk is an indispensable element for the physical and psychological development of babies. In the first 6 months babies should be given only breast milk. Breast milk benefits are much. Breast milk benefits for the mother are as follows; The woman who is a new mother is more easily adapted to motherhood, nourishes her baby with the healthiest and cleanest nutrients in nature, establishes a special bond with her baby, thanks to the prolactin and oxytocin hormone that secretes milk, she gains more pre-pregnancy physics and gives weight faster because of breastfeeding. It is a serious calorie loss, it can easily feed your baby in every environment it goes, breast milk which is not required to be heated and cleaned provides great convenience for the mother,

Breast milk benefits for toddlers

Breast milk contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as stem cells. In addition, it contains antibodies against the diseases of the mother and the vaccines against the mother. Apart from its contribution to physical growth, breast milk also strengthens babies and provides a positive link between the mother and her. Suckling babies feel safe and happy and healthy.

Breast milk is a foodstuff whose contents vary according to the month of the baby and the disease state. Colostrum is very important in newborn babies as well as the first drops of milk. Colostrum contains very protective substances and antibodies. As the baby grows, the content of the milk, the protein and the carbohydrate content change. When the baby was sick, it was determined that the contents of the mother’s milk changed.

Protecting from breast cancer

Breast milk has many benefits for the mother. Breast cancer is less common in mothers who breastfeed their baby for a long time and the formation of cyst and adenoma in the breast is less observed. Breastfeeding helps the mother’s womb to recover and lose weight. Nursing mothers are happier and more calm. They experience emotional satisfaction and establish a unique love bond with their babies. Increase the amount of milk by avoiding stress The baby should be breastfed as soon as possible after birth. In the first half-hour, breastfeeding causes prolactin, the secretion of the milk-forming hormone in a shorter time, and the milk comes earlier.

After difficult births and cesarean deliveries, milk formation may be delayed and breast milk may be insufficient. After birth, the mother should rest as much as possible, take her sleep, and move away from her stress and anxiety. In this case, each family member should support the mother psychologically and try to help her. If the baby and the mother are healthy, the baby is often breastfed and the mother’s feeding is good if it is good.

Mothers drink plenty of water

While breastfeeding, breastfeeding should be paid attention to, and protein should be fed. Fruits and vegetables should not neglect, desserts should be consumed instead of light milk desserts. Breastfeeding mothers should drink 2-2.5 liters of water per day, they should avoid passing from very sharp spices to milk and they will disturb the baby. Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, dried beans, broccoli, cauliflower and vegetables can pass from mother to baby and make gas. Consuming herbal teas, such as fennel and lime, helps to increase milk.

Prevents obesity:

Protein in the front of the milk, milk in the post fat is high. This prevents the obesity by providing a feeling of saturation in the baby. Breast milk is the most suitable composition for premature infant. This allows the premature baby to gain enough weight. Protects against infections: Breast milk has a lethal effect on many micro-organisms. It provides natural immunity to babies with special enzymes.

Thus, the first 9 months against the diseases such as measles, crimson and chicken pox is protecting the baby. Defends against allergic diseases: The breast milk is called colostrum in the first days. This milk protects the baby against many diseases. Useful bacteria in this milk is much more than mature milk. It allows the baby to cover the intestine with beneficial bacteria. In this way, breast milk, allergies can prevent the absorption of substances.

Their I.Q. is high:

Average of the babies who took breast milk I.Q. the scores are getting higher in others. This situation is more prominent especially in premature infants. Long-chain fatty acids are thought to have an effect, although the cause is not well established. There are many studies on this subject and the most recent study has been done in New Zealand. A study of more than a thousand individuals and 18-year examination of these individuals, breastfed-fed both intelligence levels and the success of the learning life has been determined to be higher. It doesn’t add to the kidneys: Colostrum accelerates bowel movements, making it easier for the first feces to escape. Breastmilk contains a more intensive protection factor against microorganisms. It also protects the kidneys because it has lower osmolality.

Psychological support:

Breast milk is ready at any time and can be offered when the baby needs it. The baby is crying less because the baby is ready when it is needed. Breastmilk also plays an important role in psychological support and attachment for the baby who finds the mother more. It also allows the mother to spend more time on her and her baby.

Effective in oral cleaning:

Some babies may not be there for special reasons. In these cases, the mother’s milk is provided to the baby. It is observed that the use of breast milk is very beneficial in oral hygiene, even if the premature baby in the intensive care unit cannot be fed orally.

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