Speech Delay Causes – How do I Understand It ?

Language and speech delay may occur without any reason. In this article you will find information about  speech delay causes. Delayed speech situations, situations that cause delayed speech .Gender is known as a risk factor. The risk of language and speech delays is three times higher in boys than in girls. In addition, individuals who have had delayed speech in the family increase this risk. Another risk factor was determined as low birth weight and preterm birth.

Waiting for spontaneous passage when delayed delay may prevent the contribution of early intervention. Children with language delay are at risk of experiencing language disorders at school age. Studies show that language and speech delay affect academic performance in the long term. A comprehensive assessment by the Speech and Language Disorders Specialist is very important when there is delay in speech and speech.

Speech Delay Causes In Children

In this evaluation, it is determined where the auditory perception (comprehension) and verbal expression (speaking and self-expression) are the age range. For example, a 2-year-old child has an auditory perception of 1.5-2 years of age, while his verbal expression may be 1 year old. That is, even though he understands what is being said, his own speech may be below his age. In this case, the family will be informed and how the children will be supported . And the therapy will be started with the participation of the family.

According to research, children with speech impairment at the age of 2 may not have achieved the performance of their peers when they are 3 or 4 years old. Thanks to early intervention (starting treatment before 3 years old) it is possible to support the development of the child. Early intervention was found to be beneficial for both language and speech and other accompanying disorder

Delayed speech can be defined as the inability of a child to have similar speaking skills as their peers. This can be a “speech disorder,” or “developmental language lag” if it cannot provide the expected speech compatible with a child’s age. Depending on any organ, speech disorder is called “organic speech disorder”, the condition that occurs without any organ disorder is called “functional speech disorder”.

Speech Delay In Toddlers

Speech Disorders may be caused by ear-nose throat. In order for a child to have a speech, the language (language) skills should be improved. the sound production should be made and the organs that will perform the speech function should not be impaired. In this case, wit, hearing, vision, oral cavity, upper airways, lungs and the nervous system and the musculature that nourish them should be natural. 

One of the most important in speech delay causes is the lack of hearing. The lack of hearing may be congenital or acquired later. There may be a new hearing loss when the child hears it. If a child hears loud noises, only some voices (only low-pitched sounds, only high-pitched sounds) does not indicate that the child has no hearing loss. But may cause the speech not to start. For this reason, it is essential to make a detailed hearing assessment in the child who we suspect in the speech without delay. The most common cause of acquired hearing loss is the deterioration of middle ear ventilation in children with frequent upper respiratory tract. In addition, an invisible (submucosal) cleft palate, such as the presence of a tongue bond in the oral problems can make speech or speech disorders.

speech delay causes in children

When does a baby start to talk

Each baby can make meaningless noises until 3-6 months of age and this does not indicate that the child has no hearing loss. Every healthy baby should have a hearing screening. A 6-12 month old baby should start to make meaningful sounds like hayır head evet, .12 ma ma ma ma. -16 months between the “grandfather”, “father” should be a meaningful 1-2 word. When the month is completed, a vocabulary of 5-10 words should be developed. “What is this?”, “Where is the ball?”, “Who am I?” understand the questions and give meaningful answers.24-36 months between 2 or 3 words should be able to establish sentences. The words used after the month should be understood by the foreigners. They should be able to tell a simple event at the age of 5 years.

Solutions For Speech Delay

The reason why a child starts to speak late is because he does not have enough of his language skills. Therefore, it is very important to detect these children at the same time as possible. A child who has no family history of organic illness. And a late speech history can be followed by a wait-and-see method. It is known that boys are more prone to developmental language delay than girls. In this process, parents are advised to contribute to the language education of the child. Adequate and effective communication with children should be established and given the opportunity to speak. For something that the child wants, he should first expect to express this verbally, then do what he wants.

Daily communication should be continued by questioning the child and taking time to answer. And the child should be encouraged to create short stories. All individuals in the immediate vicinity of the child should give an example of correct speech .  And provide the opportunity for the child to talk, considering every moment they are with the child

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