Is honey safe in pregnancy? Benefits and side effects

Natural honey is a healthy food and we want our baby to eat healthy food. Honey is a beneficial food on its own, with its blend of various nutrients including sugar, vitamins, amino acids, trace enzymes, and minerals. We know that it is harmful for babies to eat honey until the age of one, but; is honey safe in pregnancy? Let’s go to deep into our article for answers..

Most doctors are often asked by pregnant women whether honey is safe in pregnancy. There is nothing in the medical research literature that says bad things about honey. Eating honey will not harm a pregnant woman. But, you should be concerned that honey contains botulinum toxin. These bacteria spores do not reach the fetus and will enter the bloodstream and have no way of affecting your unborn child.

benefits of honey in pregnancy

Some health and nutritional benefits of honey rich in fructose and combined with glucose and some other nutrients include:
• Boosts the immune system: It can be used to heal wounds, minor burns and cuts. It also neutralizes stomach acids to help pregnant women get rid of heartburn. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties found in ax due to various enzymes and amino acids help to increase the immune system.
• Provides relief from insomnia: Eating a tablespoon of honey before going to bed helps pregnant women to sleep well. It has been linked to treatments for insomnia and insomnia.
• Prevents colds and coughs: When honey strengthens the immune system, pregnant women develop more strength to stay away from cold and cough.
• Good for sore throats: When used with sweet honey, ginger, it can help soothe the throat and kill the bacteria that cause infection in the neck.
• Against cancer: Various medical studies have found that eating honey regularly reduces growth of H. Pyroli, an ulcer-causing bacterium.
• Smoothes the scalp: Most pregnant women suffer from dandruff and itching more than usual during pregnancy. Honey has been found to cure seborrheic dermatitis, one of the scalp conditions that impairs hair conditions when diluted in water.
• Reduces allergies: Pollen spores collected by honey during honey production cause allergen when you eat it. This activates your immune system and develops strength to resist your allergy.

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honey in pregnancy side effects;

1. It can worsen insulin sensitivity: Too much honey increases blood sugar levels and increases pre-existing insulin resistance. Pregnant women are recommended not to take less than 25 grams of fructose per day.
2. It can cause cramping. Too much honey can also cause stomach cramps and many other
problems such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating.
3. It affects the gastrointestinal system: If you eat excessive amounts of honey with the increase in blood sugar levels, your body will become a little acidic. This affects the gastrointestinal system and prevents digestion.
4. It affects dental health badly: It is sugar and high consumption can affect dental health causing erosion of tooth enamel.
5. Causes weight gain: Since honey is rich in calories, consuming too much can also increase weight. Since the health benefits of honey outweigh its side effects, it can worsen health conditions at different times when used with other edible meals.

Honey is a natural product

In addition to its delicious taste, honey also carries risks. They are the reason babies under one year old are not allowed to eat honey. The bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is only rarely found in honey, can lead to so-called infant botulism. The bacteria accumulate in the infant’s intestines and produce toxic substances that can lead to paralysis.
Listeria can also be found in honey. However, due to the high sugar content in honey, these cannot multiply and are therefore not dangerous during pregnancy. Honey also contains antimicrobial substances that can make life difficult for pathogens.
Listeriosis is more common during pregnancy. However, this is not due to the consumption of honey, but to some animal foods such as some meat products or sausage, smoked fish, milk and dairy products (including cheese). Listeria are also not infrequently found on plant-based foods, often in pre-cut salads.
Toxoplasmosis bacteria, on the other hand, are not contained in honey, which is why it is not dangerous for pregnant women from this point of view.

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