Can you eat pear during pregnancy? Is it good for you?

Can you eat pear during pregnancy? You are now in a phase of life in which you are asking yourself many questions. During pregnancy, you are advised to eat a small amount of everything to provide your fetus with all the essential nutrients it needs. But doctors advise you not to eat certain foods, so it’s hard to remember all of the recommendations. According to recommendations, it is necessary to eat a fruit or vegetable 5 times a day, but are they all allowed during pregnancy? Together we will see if you can eat pear during pregnancy, and then the important food hygiene rules during pregnancy.

Is pears fruit good during pregnancy ?

pears safe during pregnancy , but we recommend that you respect various precautionary measures before consuming them. The only risk of eating fruit while pregnant is toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that is transmitted by a parasite in the soil. Toxoplasmosis can also be transmitted from cats. Most women have been exposed to toxoplasmosis and have developed antibodies. For pregnant women who don’t have these antibodies, read the rest of this article.

What tips should you keep in mind so you can eat pears while pregnant?

At the beginning of your pregnancy, a blood test will be done by your doctor to see if you have these antibodies. If you don’t have them, then there are various rules of food hygiene to be followed. Fruits rarely grow in the soil, so the risk of toxoplasmosis transmission is low. However, it is still recommended that the fruit be washed to remove dirt and pesticide residue. If you can’t verify (e.g. in a restaurant) that they have been washed, then don’t eat them. Otherwise, if the fruit is peeled or you wash the fruit, you can eat pear during pregnancy.

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Benefits of eating fruit  and with it pears during pregnancy

Fruits provide you with very good nutrients for pregnancy. Among these nutrients you will find folic acid (also called vitamin B9). Folic acid gives the baby the opportunity to properly develop their nervous system.

The fruits also contain a lot of fiber, which is essential for good intestinal passage and digestion. They are low in calories and reduce the risk of constipation.

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benefits of eating pears during pregnancy  also provides you with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, magnesium, potassium, water, and many other nutrients that are important for the development of your fetus and for yourself.

Unfortunately, many pregnant women are not immune to constipation. Fiber, of which the pear contains a lot, helps against this. The pear skin is still controversial. The claim that it contained carcinogens, made a few years ago, is still unexplained. If you want to be on the safe side, pear the pear.

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