How to take care of twin baby alone?

Their families are forcing baby care. Although experienced parents may be able to handle baby care more easily, twin babies can sometimes be very difficult to care for. One of the parents may have to work to ensure that the family’s economic status is good.

Take a look at our twin baby care recommendations, remembering that the joys of living with two tiny heroes who share everything together will outweigh their lives.

Twin Baby Care Alone

We give you the tips of looking at twin babies.

  •  Prepare very practical meals.
  • Place the phone numbers of places where you may want ready food.
  • You can save time by shopping online. * Make bulk purchases.
  • Help your mother get out. Leave one with the babies.
  • When an unexpected guest arrives at home, use the disposable materials (plates, forks, spoons, knives) that you cannot wash dishes.
  • Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, still, aids, such as aids to do maintenance work just like in factories.
  • Keep the registry for the first 3-4 weeks. Because sometimes the same babies are fed and the other baby cannot show her hunger. For this reason, feeding numbers, numbers, stool hours, urine, oral or feeding should be noted that the bottle.
  • Try to prepare daily charts properly and without skipping information.

twin baby care

Twin Babies First 5-6 Months Are Unaware of Each Other!

The behavior of twin babies is also one of the most important topics of daily conversations among families. Parents are very surprised at the first 5-6 months after birth; Because babies are acting like they don’t know each other. How to take care of twin babies alone? However, in the sixth and ninth months, they discover their hair, ears and catch each other. They’re very interested in each other towards an age. Because they never had a wealth that people would never meet: each other. read our article on twin baby care

 take care of twin babies alone

The good communication between twin babies is getting stronger from one year of age, turning into serious teamwork at two years of age. They develop a language called twins, which they use among themselves and understand only themselves. twin babies need to watch carefully.

  •  If parents are smaller than one of their babies, they compare to another. Babies should be accepted as two separate persons from the moment they were born.
  • Life-long comparison of this way, disrupts domestic dynamics. If there is a delay in the development of one of the babies compared to the other, they should be recognized early and the necessary interventions should start without delay:
  •  there is a high risk of brain damage,If the baby’s body is hard for a month or two months.
  • If the baby is unable to hold his head when he is three or four months old, his head is rocking back and forth, and he cannot stay upright. You need to make an immediate attempt.
  • A baby should be considered as a “red” alarm if the child is corrected, but it is a 6-month-old baby, who is 2 months early.

If risks start to increase during pregnancy, it is important for families to make a B plan:

  •  A full-fledged hospital with infant-intensive care should be established, where twin births can be performed. The choice of the hospital is becoming more important, especially if the birth is less than the 32nd week
  • * If it is determined that there are serious warnings started by the obstetrician, it is necessary for the mother to meet the intensive care team, to see the birth center, to introduce herself to the team.
  • Organization of the team will be born according to the baby is important. If there is a very risky birth, the experts need to adjust themselves to work at the highest level, the number of nurses should be adjusted and the open heaters should be reserved for babies. The babies who are born prematurely are staying in that bed for weeks.
  • Communication of families is also important. It is important to talk to families every 15 days. Newborn medicine begins before babies are born.
  • Parents must also be prepared to prepare financially and have an idea about costs. If the hospital they choose is too expensive, it is important that they make other plans.


It is important to have a good sleep pattern in the development of infants. It may be more difficult for parents to have twin babies. But nothing is unsolvable. Mothers who have twin babies can help their twin babies sleep with the following precautions.

  1. Babies should also be careful to keep them awake. Developing a sleep pattern at the same time for twin babies will provide great convenience especially for mothers. Babies sleeping at the same time, the baby all day long will be very useful for the mother. The mother will have the opportunity to sleep more and sleep.
  2.  It is necessary to accustom the babies to a certain sleep routine. Sleeping baths are the sleeping routines that can be applied to both babies before bathing, to clean, to change the top, to chat with them in a quiet tone, to breastfeed and to massage before bedtime. And these sleep routines need to be done on a regular basis. Over time, babies will learn about them and get used to it. Babies getting used to this scheme will help them to have less trouble sleeping and sleep more easily.
  3. and feels safe will fall asleep immediately. Mothers should familiarize themselves with the baby.
  4. It is better to have babies sleep in the same bed. Their physical contact with each other will calm them. It is a good time to sleep in the same bed until their baby is 3 months old. Later, even if the infants sleep in a separate bed or in a cradle, they should be close to each other and see each other.
  5. As long as the babies do not sleep at night and they do not cry and there is no danger (sudden death of a baby etc.), it is necessary to disregard the baby. The baby will always want to be with the baby every time she wakes up, to care for her, to show interest in the doll, and every time she wakes up, she’ll want to see her mother or her father. This will teach the baby that night time is for sleep.
  6. Touching and embracing babies, embracing them on the lap, and shaking during the day is quite a confidence and pleasure for the baby. You should not neglect them. Happy and confident babies sleep better at night. It is also very important to regularly breastfeed and keep the baby hungr
  7. .Colic is the baby’s crying seizures. It usually happens in the evening and evening. There is no reason. If there is such a condition in infants or babies, you should try known methods to calm the baby. They should be bathed in the baby, massage, arson (baby can feel more secure), relaxing music to listen, carrying the baby to hang, baby in the cradle to shake the baby to try to calm the techniques should be. The colic in infants are not usually seen after 3 months.

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