How To Swaddle A Baby – Is Swaddling Baby Good

Babies can sometimes get scared while sleeping, and they can jump suddenly because of this fear. If you swaddle your baby, he won’t be afraid to wake up and the baby will be happy to take a nap all day long. How to swaddle a newborn and why swaddle ?

How To Swaddle

  • Spread the blanket or cover and lay the baby diagonally. Fold the top corner down about 12 cm in. Put your little head on this bend.
  • Hold the corner near the baby’s left arm and run over the arm and close the little bird. Raise the right arm and wrap the corner of the veil from the right to the back of the baby.
  • Lift the lower end, bring it over your baby and wrap it up.
  • Take the other end, run over your right arm and converge on the left side of your baby. Here’s your newborn carriage!
  • If the little one doesn’t like to stop the movement of his hands, do the wrap under his arms and release his hands.

Is Swaddling Baby Good ?

  • If you swaddle your baby without squeezing it too much, she can have a nice nap.
  • Since the babies live in a narrow space while they are in the womb, the baby swaddling method, he will be peaceful. Swaddle blanket is very important for the baby’s health. If the baby sweats or gets cold, he may be sick.
  • To avoid risky conditions such as hip dislocation and to support your baby’s natural movements, especially his legs should not be wrapped too tightly. It should be wrapped in such a way that it can move its legs up and down from the hip and a flexible fabric should be used as much as possible.
  • The baby sleeps longer. When he wakes up, it’s easier for him to sleep again.
  • Babies enjoy a sense of trust. By swaddled they remember the womb environment.
  • It especially prevents newborn babies from waking up by disturbing themselves.
  • Although it has not been proven, it can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), especially in small infants, because swaddling makes it difficult for the baby to turn over the face.
  • Crying in babies born with brain diseases decreases with wrapped and cries less.
  • With the swaddling, the mother can also rest when the baby sleeps longer. This can help reduce fatigue and stress and increase milk production. In other words, it can be said that swaddle facilitates breast feeding.

Is Swaddling Baby Bad?

Is swaddling good for babies, baby swaddling has both benefits and harm. 

  • The risk of hip dislocation may be increased, especially when the legs are held taut and straight and the forehead is tightly wrapped.
  • Swaddling can increase the baby’s breathing rate. Particularly tight arson may prevent the development of lung capacity.
  • The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) may be increased in infants who may rotate on their own self
  • If the mother expects the baby to wake up for feeding, when the baby is swaddled, the number of feedings may also decrease, as the baby’s self-waking number decreases. In this case, weight gain of newborns may slow down.
  • If the swaddling is done too loosely, the swaddle can be opened, creating a risk of suffocation, especially in infants.
  • The biggest concern of doctors who do not recommend baby swaddling is that baby swaddling can lead to hip dislocation. Hip dislocation due to faulty baby swaddling is a common health problem in our country. Therefore, some doctors have a negative opinion about swaddle.

how to swaddle a baby

What do experts say about Baby Swaddling?

American Academy of Pediatrics: Supports a safe arson method that allows infants under 1 year of age (infant) to move their hips and legs freely.

Dr. Harvey Karp: The famous American pediatrician Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block, proposes swaddling in the 5S technique for easy sleeping of babies. According to Karp, arson can be done until 3-4 months old. Since the nervous system of the baby does not fully develop in the first 3 months, there is a tendency to act uneasy and awaken during sleep unless the baby is swaddled. Swaddling reminds the baby’s condition in the womb. Although the baby objected at first as if she was bored, she eventually got used to it and became more comfortable.

When should you stop Swaddling?

You should stop swaddling as soon as your baby starts to turn on its side and face to face. Because if the baby’s hands are tied, the risk of suffocation increases
All babies become active when they grow up, and they no longer want to swaddle and throw away the cover. Some babies like swaddling, while others don’t. The rule is simple: if your baby likes arson, arson doesn’t.

Why Swaddle

Specialists wrap the baby tightly wrapped in the baby, the baby’s first period will reduce the feeling of space and sleep will provide the order, he says.  Why swaddle ?It is important for the baby’s health to be properly wrapped in the self-propelled post-delivery.
others lying in the same bed with their baby or carrying their child in a baby sling do not need self-inflating. Also, you should definitely not swaddle your baby in the same bed. Otherwise, the child becomes very hot, sweating and become susceptible to illness. If you don’t sleep in the same bed; arson is an invaluable method. But as in the old times, it is not right to swaddle the baby.

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