Is it normal green poop for breastfed baby?

Green poop for breastfed baby worries mothers quite. The reasons of green poop in babies are very much. If you suspect one of the following about green baby poop, you can consult your doctor quickly. Breast-fed infants in the mother during the day between meals that the baby is allergic to food, as a result of allergy can turn into green poop.

Your baby’s poo gives you clues about the baby’s health. We try everything for the health of our baby. If there is a difference in poop color, you should first consider what it feeds on. It can be a problem if you are feeding the same every day and you see a change in poop color.

Green poop breastfed baby may be due to the baby’s inability to reach the satisfying portion of breast milk. Because the baby can only be filled with milk afterwards. The insatiable baby will continue to drink milk. This will cause the excess lactose in front milk to be digested and green poop. It also causes gas pain.

Green poop breastfed babyWhy is poop green ?

  • Foaming At Mouth Of baby (teething)
  • The baby is developing sensitivity to some foods that the mother consumes. One of the most common examples of this is cow milk that the mother drinks. Cow milk proteins, which pass into breast milk, can cause digestive problems and green poop in infants.
  • Foremilk -hindmilk imbalance
  • Foremilk, breast milk is less fat than lactose during each feeding and is higher in lactose.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases in infants
  • Sensitivity to a drug taken by the mother Inoculation can be green poop
  • Have a cold
  • In cases called stomach fever
  • Any inflammation in the intestine
  • In some foods the mother eats, breast-fed babies may have a green color
  • Green poop may occur as an allergic reaction to some foods
  • Cold feet and toes
  • It is normal for babies to have a green poop for four days after birth.
  • This means that she continues to remove the droppings in the womb.
  • Iron drugs given to babies
  • Because of the development in the intestines of babies taking breast milk
  • The baby began to take additional nutrients, and if they are made of green food, such as broccoli and spinach, the color of the babies’ poo may be green.
  • Infants with inadequate breast milk may have green feces. In such cases, take care to breastfeed your baby without considering the watch.
  • Green poop in unsaturated babies. Sometimes the worm problem seen in babies gives the signal of green poop
  • A few microbes living in the stomach in some babies may also be apparent with green poo It happens in babies with digestive problems.
  • Green poo can be seen in babies who cannot digest what they eat in a good and healthy way
  • Breastfeeding mother or baby taking antibiotics or using iron supplements
  • Some medicines used by the baby
  • Dark green vegetables are predominant in baby food or mother’s nutrition

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Your baby’s poo depends entirely on how it is fed. Color may vary depending on the color of the food it eats and the allergic reactions of the child. Be alert if you see watery cats which may be a sign of diarrhea or a pebble-like poo may be a sign of constipation. your baby’s dirty baby diaper white (may be a sign of liver disease) or red (may be a sign of bleeding) when you see the color should consult the doctor.

A symptom of green poop in infants may be abdominal pain, abdominal pain in babies requires constant crying. To learn more about abdominal pain, we recommend reading Abdominal Pain in Baby.

Newborn green Poop

The newborn baby continues to poop for four days. These substances are residues such as amniotic fluid, mucus and skin cells, giving cocoa a dark green color. This situation is completely natural. After four days, poop will be lighter.

What does baby diarrhea looks like?

Green poop may be seen in infants with a microbial inflammation. If diarrhea has also occurred, this suspicion becomes stronger. Problems such as intestinal inflammations, stomach fever, and common cold can lead to such a result.

Is it normal green poop for breastfed baby?

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How to treat?

1) Proper Breastfeeding

Your baby will have access to the fatty and rich content of breast milk. To ensure this, use the correct breastfeeding techniques:

  • Keep each breastfeeding long enough.
  • Make sure your baby can grasp your chest tightly enough with her lips.
  • Make sure you have enough breastfeeding with your first breast before moving to your other breast. Most of the time, one breast is enough at a meal.

2) Other Precautions

Iron Medicine: If your doctor prescribed medicines containing iron to your baby, do not stop using the medicine because the poop color is green.

Doctor Control: If you suspect another disease, do not neglect doctor control.

Color of Poo: After the color of cocoa is in the shades between light yellow, green and orange, there is no big problem. If you see dark brown, black, or red poop, you should consult your doctor

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