How can I know my baby gender at home?

Learning gender while pregnant is one of the most entertaining news. Nine months pain, sleep problems, stretch marks, hemorrhoids etc. can have many problems. Learning that our baby is healthy helps us to forget all of these problems. But you have some asks for example ; How can I know my baby gender at home? Let’s go to deep into article for answers how to learn baby gender.

How many weeks do i have to be to find out the gender of my baby?

Having a headache or any pain while pregnant is not a symptom for baby gender . Sometimes even doctors can say false information about gender of the baby.

How can I know my baby gender at home

How can you tell on an ultrasound if its a boy or girl or How can I know my baby gender at home? You can learn you baby’s gender with nub theory. Very simple. The gender of the baby may be important, especially for those who will have a second or third baby. The greatest gift for our baby to be healthy should not forget this. We learned the gender of our baby when we were pregnant at the age of 11 with the nub theory. This was just an estimate.

The genital tubercle, which is the region where the gender of the baby is formed, becomes observable on the ultrasonography from the beginning of the 12th week. The angle this structure makes when looking at the baby’s longitudinal length, gives information about gender.

Boys and girls babies develop differently from about the 11th week. Both have a nub. However, the position of the nub is different. For men, the nub is at an upward angle, while for the girl, the nub is almost the same as the spine. The reliability of this theory in the 13th week appears to be 95 percent.

According to the Nub Theory, the angle between the spine and nub shows your baby’s gender. If the angle between the spine and nub is greater than 30 degrees, it indicates that your baby’s gender is male, if the angle between the spine and nub is less than 30 degrees, your baby’s gender is female.

Can you tell if its a boy or girl at 12 weeks? Yes , but I m not you can learn with your baby’s ultrasone pictures.

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Difference Between Theory and Practice

The above description is theoretical. In practice, it is necessary to consider many factors. For example, your baby may not be in the right position, making it impossible to predict theory-based gender.

To clearly see the gender, the fetus should lie flat on the back and the protrusion should be clearly observed. It is impossible to predict whether your baby will be seen this way during ultrasound.


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