5 tips to keep the baby sleep Methods

The baby who doesn’t move much during the day doesn’t want to sleep. every day you need to relieve babies by doing activities such as a few games or a pleasant walk. Even though we’re too tired as parents, our baby comes first. we wanted to give information about baby sleep methods for you.

1. Let the baby sleep time: the human body likes to do routine work. Get your baby’s bedtime constant. Try to sleep at the same time every day. Within a few days, the baby will get used to sleeping at this time. After a while, your baby will sleep at the same time.

2. The sleeping room should be dark: Darkness will cause the baby to understand that it is a sleep time. Triggers the baby to sleep. Make the baby breastfeed at night in the dim room to accustom the baby to darkness.
If your child wakes up during the night, don’t turn on the lights – the shift in lighting can trigger her to wake up, ready to take on her day. Instead, try soothing her back with the lights out.
If you want to use night lights, choose the ones that emit a soft, natural light. Avoid bright, vivid, and colored lights – these can interfere with your baby’s ability to go back to sleep once awakened.

3. Do not change the diaper unless you need it: it wakes up the baby when changing the wet cloth. If it is not necessary, do not change if the cloth is not too heavy. The baby may be uncomfortable with your movements.

4. Don’t go to the baby every time you cry: Don’t go to your side every time you hear the baby’s voice for a good sleep. If you are sure the baby is not hungry, wait for the baby to calm down.
Try to time your entrance somewhere between when she first wakes up and when she launches into a scream. Wait a few minutes and see if she can fall back asleep on her own.

5. Make some noise: the mother’s belly is a noisy place for the baby. A quiet environment can make the baby uncomfortable, make a sound like a hair dryer and let the baby relax. babies sleeping early in the same way wake up early

Baby Sleep Methods

Babies with this method sleeps as fast as 40 seconds. Dailo makes a paper handkerchief up to his chin 10-15 times on his baby’s face and puts her to sleep asleep. Dailo shared the video of her baby, introduced by this method, for the benefit of other families. The number of parents who say they put their babies to sleep by applying this method is very much.

If your baby enjoys listening to music, you can make him sleep by listening to music. The way you like to sleep is not too much for the baby. Because every day with the same method will want to sleep

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