Baby Falls Asleep While Breastfeeding,Why ? Causes And Solutions

Breastfeeding is the most useful food you will feed from the moment the baby is born. The baby and the mother are very tired after birth and should rest. If your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding , don’t worry and be patient.  You can continue reading our article to find out why your baby has fallen asleep.

baby falls asleep while breastfeeding then wakes up crying

baby falls asleep while breastfeeding then wakes up crying

Sometimes your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding then wakes up crying. Because; you didn’t get rid of your baby and he had a stomache. Abdominal pain caused by gas pains. You can relax your baby by abdominal massage. You should massage your baby daily with baby oil or olive oil. After baby massage your baby will sleep longer and happier and will wake up happy. Click for detailed information about abdominal pain massage.

baby falls asleep while breastfeeding but still hungry

If your baby falls asleep in the first 10 minutes while nursing ,then wakes up crying so; he still hungry. While breastfeeding our baby, 3 different types of breast milk come to the baby’s mouth.

First comes the milk that eliminates thirst and does not have very high calories. This milk also contains a high amount of oxytocin sleep. The next 5 min comes in the more intense fore milk. This is also protein-intensive. They call the last hind milk and high calorie baby to gain weight in the first part of the milk that comes to survive awake and come to the last two parts not only in terms of sleep order is very important for the development of our baby.

If your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding, be carefull to these basics.

  • Slowly pull your breasts out of the baby’s mouth to prevent them from falling asleep while breastfeeding. (Baby will try to keep your breast)
  • Massage your baby’s back with your fingertips while breastfeeding
  • Tell her good things while nursing
  • Breastfeed your baby from the same breast until all the milk in a breast is exhausted. When your baby starts sucking, the first milk to come is juicy. As the baby continues to suck, the milk becomes darker and the fat-rich part begins to come. This last milk will saturate it and let go of the breast itself. Therefore, breastfeed from a single breast at each meal. At the next meal, give your other breast. At the same meal, babies who are undernourished from both breasts do not get enough because they cannot get the last fat milk.
  • If your baby’s nose is blocked, he will get angry and not want to suck, so you should clean his nose. You can get support by reading our article about  How to get rid of nasal congestion in babies .
  • Fussy babies with abdominal pain can be both hungry and sleepless. So you should give a gas abdominal pain massage every fifteen minutes while breastfeeding your baby. Babies who run out of gas pains will be fed happily and will sleep comfortably.

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    I have been breast feeding for 6 months and still i leant a lot from this article. My baby falls asleep every night feeding, I put him to bed and 10 mins later he is crying. I will definitely try massaging before putting him to bed. Thank you

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