why do babies cry? 7 main reasons

Crying is the only way babies talk about their problems. Finding out why babies cry can be very easy, and sometimes difficult. The main reasons for babies to cry are: hunger, sleep, pains…?

Babies are so sweety and we already want to be happy for our angels but unfortunately babies often cry. So we have some questions for it. These, why do babies cry, why do babies cry in their sleep and why do babies cry when born etc.. We know they can’t speak with us. So we don’t understand to their problems.

We answered lots questions about “why do babies cry” today. And if you go to deep our into article, you will find out lots o information about for these problems. Let’s go for solve crying problem.

why do babies cry in their sleep             

Every baby often cry in their sleep at first month. But you should not for it. Because this is not a big problem. They opened their small eyes in the World. And everything is very hard for them. Everything was so easy when they were in the womb. The sounds he heard comforted them and everything was very safe. what you need to do;

  • never avoid contact with they thinking that they will get used to it.
  • Always hug and love they while you have the time.
  • In the first months, babies do not know how the digestive system works. That’s why they have gas. so you should massage and help them often.
  • wash babies every day if the weather is hot. So they sleep more comfortably
  • You should pay attention to the nutrition of babies. You should always look at the clock. ‘Cause they get hungry fast
  • They may be restless or cranky when they wet their food. Therefore, change the diaper every three hours without waiting.
  • Rash are a big problem. For this reason, many babies may cry while sleeping because they have nappy rash.
  • You should ensure that she sleeps in a noisy environment during the day and in a quiet environment at night.

Now everything is very different and noisy. That’s why they need you so much.

why do babies wake up crying

Babies also get hungry when they sleep. Although breast milk is hearty, babies get hungry quickly because they are fed in small amounts. That’s why they do babies crying when they wake up.

Apart from being hungry, gas pain is another reason. The gas formed in their abdomen due to breastmilk accumulates inside because they do not move while they sleep. The accumulated gas causes great pain.

Another reason is that they do not have enough sleep. Babies who don’t get as much sleep as they need are cranky. That’s why do babies cry so much

While your baby is sleeping, you can feed him to complete its sleep. You can also avoid gas buildup by raising your legs in the air.

Why do Babies cry so much

Babies can cry for no reason. This condition is called colic. Colic baby syndrome lasts for a minimum of three days and a maximum of three weeks. During this process, babies can cry for three hours. To relax them, you can listen to sounds called white noise. Also, taking a bath relaxes them. Causes of colic babies crying;

  • mother’s stress
  • Fore milk feding
  • stomach reflux
  • Having a protein allergy
  • gas pain
  • not getting enough sleep
  • Parents’ smoking

Colic babies often cry in the evening. Babies cry to communicate with you. So don’t panic or get upset. Hug her and sing lullabies to her. Maybe he just wants to be close to you. Babies grow very fast. Therefore, try to spend this beautiful period by taking care of it, not housework or troublesome things. In addition, if you are feeding your baby with breast milk, you should pay attention to your nutrition. Excessive consumption of coffee and cigarettes causes babies to cry more.

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