Why Do Babies Cry When Born?

I think having a baby is the most wonderful feeling we feel in life. We work hard for her health and happiness. The first gait, the first smile, the first tooth, and most importantly the first cry is very important. Mothers are very lucky to hear the first cry. So, Why Do Babies Cry When Born? Come on for learn.

First Cry

The first cry of our baby is a clear sign of life for the newborn child that almost all mothers and fathers expect. The newborn baby breathes for the first time, the lungs expand and the circulation returns to life outside the uterus. Many babies are heard as soon as the head is born and the body is not pushed yet.

A baby makes the first cry right after birth: it shows that he is alive and has enough breath to roar. Newborn babies cry or cry in the first three or four months – they feel uncomfortable. Because first they have to get used to life outside. The baby must also find a new rhythm: when will he sleep, when will he wake up? And how can I satisfy this frustrating hunger?

However, even a little whining or sighing or just taking a deep breath can live less than shouting. Therefore, strong roar (or associated intense breathing) is not provoked today. First of all, the bad feet on the baby’s foot – swinging on the feet – are a thing of the past. Babies take their first breath even without an external urge. If the child has problems adapting to spontaneous breathing outside the uterus, today there are many signs of this. And then help them with caution but effectively.
Today, newborns are usually placed directly on the mother’s belly for this first contact, where they can look at the world undisturbed and begin to breathe.

First Breastfeeding

why do babies cry when they are born

After a while, the baby is usually ready to look for the breast (always with smell …) and drink for the first time. The suction stimulator stimulates the formation of milk in the udders. However, only about two to three days after the correct milk (milk infusion), the baby’s previous precious milk sprouts before drinking colostrum. In addition, suction promotes contraction of the uterus and expulsion of the mother cake (postpartum).

If pain medication has been given, it may be good to have passed on to your baby so that it still affects the effects and does not scream immediately. In this case, don’t worry too much, you’ll learn enough how loud babies can cry!

Midwives and obstetricians now use Apgar values and reward points for the baby’s appearance, pulse, breathing, reflexes and muscle tension to determine if a child has problems after birth. Ten points are awarded after one, three, five and ten minutes of life. Just a 10-minute value tells you something about possible lack of oxygen at birth. In mature children this should be between seven and ten.

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Baby crying always gives the same sound to the inexperienced ears. But not for experienced parents or midwives: you can tell whether a baby cries from pain or hunger. However, new parents must first learn what it means to roar, cry, chatter and sing:

Why babies cry ?

  1. I’m hungry!
  2. I am tired but I cannot fall asleep.
  3. I need rest, but I’m so excited.
  4. My diapers are full.
  5. I’m bored.
  6. I sweat.
  7. I’m freezing.
  8. Something hurts me.
  9. I’m sick.

Babies also cry when they don’t want to be alone or when they want to be close to their mother or father and seek physical contact. The environment may be strange and scary to the infant. It is sufficient if an unknown person is nearby, the baby sees bright, unusual light or hears unusual sounds.

You have to find out what your child wants by trial and error. If it cries out of hunger, it will stop roaring as soon as it gets the breast or the bottle. In the first few weeks, hunger can report every two to four hours.

Sometimes the child cries out because he wants a fresh diaper – see if that is necessary. If the uncomfortable feeling at the bottom disappears, the expression of displeasure also stops. If it is neither hunger nor the dirty diaper, the child may want to be entertained: try a soothing bedtime song. Some babies also want to be carried around and need a lot of physical closeness. Others are satisfied when they can watch the siblings, mother or father from their place. You can click our article about newborn baby care.

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    This is very useful! Babies communicate before they learn how to speak. Mother must learn to listen to their babies

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    I’m looking to have a child here within the next couple of years and this article really helped my understanding of “why” he/she will be crying.

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