why babies are born prematurely?

I am a premature baby mother and my son was very young when he was born. And I was worried that I was an inexperienced mother and my son was born very young. I did research for mothers who had premature births like me, and I wrote the answers to questions such as why babies are born prematurely? Let’s learn the answers.

why are premature babies born early?

Why babies are born prematurely? The fact that the birth is before 37th gestational week is defined as “premature birth ta in medicine and the risk of having some problems increases as the baby organ systems are born before they are fully matured. The smaller the gestational week and birth weight of the baby, the greater the risks. This risk is even higher, especially if the birth occurs before 32 weeks and weighing less than 1500 grams.

The risk of premature infant may arise for many reasons, while the highest percentage of these may be listed as follows:

  • The mother’s age is under 18 and over 40,
  • Infections of the mother,
  • Anatomical problems in the uterus (curtain cervix, cervix slack etc.)
  • Problems of placenta (leading of the placenta or detachment)
  • Maternal chronic diseases (hypertension, rheumatism, etc.)
  • Multiple pregnancies,
  • Smoking
  • Young people who gave birth for the first tim
  • Women who have already had premature babies

why are so many babies born premature?

why babies are born prematurely

There are so many premature babies . And It is not possible to prevent premature birth, but it is possible to reduce the risk by treatment. For example, single embryo transfer in IVF treatments, correction of this operation with curtain operation and stitching of cervical insufficiency is quite successful.

However, there are studies showing that prophylactic progesterone supplementation reduces the risk by half in unknown cases. In addition to this, early diagnosis of preterm labor, early suppression of uterine contractions, treatment of vaginal infection, smoking cessation, better nutrition of the mother are important in prevention of preterm labor.

Is there a risk of preterm birth in a second pregnancy after having given birth once?

The risk of preterm birth in the next pregnancy is 10-15% in a pregnant woman who has given birth prematurely in her previous pregnancy. This risk increases up to 25% in preterm labor twice.

General growth and developmental follow-up is performed in the preterm baby 1 week after discharge. If development is normal, it is monitored once a month. However, in infants born less than 32 weeks, birth weight less than 1500 grams, eye examination. And additional hearing test should be performed in the first 4 weeks in terms of premature retinopathy and hearing examinations should be repeated every 3 months until 1 year of age.

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  1. Paige says:

    How lovely that based on your own pregnancy experiences that you are helping other soon to be parents/parents with so many different questions they may have. Premature babies need a different kind of care for the first few months of their lives and for reassurance for parents with a premature baby this article is well worth a read.

  2. Courtney says:

    my daughter was born premature at 30 weeks. She is now 5 and healthy as can be!

  3. Kelli says:

    Good information! Premature babies can be a lot of hard work. ( and money).

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