When Do Babies Smile- Reflex or Not ?

After our baby is born, we’il even watch him sleep in order to smile at us. When Do Babies Smile, Babies can smile as soon as they are born. These smiles are just reflections. For the first 6 weeks, babies smile as a reflex.  We all think from time to time when our babies will smile at us, we try to catch their first smile. In fact, scientific studies show that babies smile even in the womb. Of course, these are reflexive reactions and are no different from the infants’ innate sucking reflex, but your baby wants to communicate with you and express your feelings from the moment of birth. Moreover, it learns extremely fast!

When Do Babies Smile ?

When Do Babies Smile

You have sometimes observed that our babies, especially newborns, even smile in their sleep. Know that even if babies smile during this period, this is due to physical reflexes, such as suddenly moving their feet and arms when they are startled in their sleep. Because during this period, emotions have not fully developed yet.

When Do Babies Smile,   However, around the 6th or 8th week after birth, your baby starts to react with a smile against external stimuli. It is often difficult to distinguish between a reflexive smile and a real smile, but if your baby is really smiling, he will use his entire face, including his eyes. Of course, there is no need to worry if you come to week 8 and see your baby smiling with a conscious response, because each baby has a different developmental process and there are babies waiting for the first true smile until the 12th week.

When Do Babies Start Smiling  ? (not reflex)

From the 2nd month onwards, babies begin to observe the environment clearly and select the faces approaching them. And the emotional response and smile of her mother by distinguishing her face is the first sign of the baby’s emotional expression.Fear is a normal emotion that can be seen in every baby. Loudness in infancy, being alone, a foreign person, sudden displacement, moving fast, riding on an elevator or swing, animals, dark room, furry toys can cause babies to fear.
Babies are more afraid of stimuli than children.

When do babies start smiling, As she grows, her fears diminish and qualitatively differ. Fear behavior towards foreigners, usually between six months and one year, gradually decreases and disappears. When an 18-month-old baby encounters a stranger, he is on his mother’s lap and rests his head on his chest. A baby can only communicate with a stranger when he feels safe, smiling at him, even extending his hand. After the age of 2, it is seen that fear is learned through conditioning. If the mother and father are afraid, then the child is afraid. When the mother constantly says, Don’t go there, it’s dark, so the child naturally fears darkness.

What Can I Do To Encourage My Baby ?

We should always encourage her when she’s growing up. We should teach him to smile, walk, talk. Socialization of the baby starts at the age of 3 months. When the baby is 3 months old, he watches people and things around him and distinguishes the sounds. She recognizes her mother’s voice, turns her head, and her smile is no longer the reflex smile. Social smile can be regarded as the beginning of social development. Noticing other babies, laughing at them, reaching out, touching is seen at 4-5 months. From the sixth month onwards, the first aggressive behaviors such as pulling and pushing each other’s hair may occur among the babies. When the baby is 8-9 months old, he starts to imitate sounds, simple movements, and take care of toys, shakes hands and makes head and head.

At the age of 11–12 months, she smiles at her image in the mirror, reaches out to her and kisses her image as if it were someone else. Beginning to walk between the 12th and 18th months, singing individual words, playing with him increases the socialization of The baby. It simulates simple games, enjoys. being with other children and going to the park. The 2-year-old child undertakes simple activities with adults and establishes a social relationship between family members.

Do not watch television

Television adversely affects mental development. In a period of rapid brain development, television viewers are exposed to electromagnetic fields, which adversely affects the brain development of babies. So don’t let your baby watch TV. But you can listen to music. Because music is beneficial to the mental development of the baby. Be careful not to choose music that will disturb the baby.  The sounds your baby may hear while watching television may disturb her. Look at his face and smile and say good words to your baby to smile. Dance with your baby while listening to music . It doesn’t matter immediately, babies who listen to music relax and sleep. Your baby will be happy and smiling too much after waking up. When Do Babies Smile, we’re at the end of the article. If you have any questions about babies’ smile, you can ask them below.

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