Vitamin D deficiency Risk Factors

The following factors could put your child – or yourself – at risk for a Vitamin D defficiency.

  • If you live in a area close to the polars with long, cloudy winters.
  • If your weather is mostly cloudy and overcast with little sun.
  • If the pollution in your area is of such a degree that very little sun gets through. This is often the case in big cities with high buildings which also tend to block out the sun,
  • If your baby is in a day-care facility which keeps him indoors for most of the day,
  • If your baby spends a lot of time behind windows – glass does not let UV-rays through which means the body cannot benefit from the sunlight.
  • Do you put sunblock on your child every day, all over his body?  Sunscreen blocks out the UV-rays which means the body cannot manufacture Vit D.
  • If your child is milk or lactose intolerant or allergic, he will not benefit from this fortified source of Vitamin D.
  • Does your child have a very dark skin? Due to their pigmentation,  African-American skins do not manufacture Vit D as easily as Caucasian skins do.
  • Does your religion or culture require you to wear robes such as burkas? This could starve your body from sunlight and Vitamin D; which in turn could be very harmful to the development of your unborn baby.
  • Prolonged exclusive breast-feeding without supplementing Vitamin D. This is mostly the case when a child does not get any exposure to the sun himself. This is normally not a issue if you get outdoors into the sun a lot.
  • Children who suffer from a liver disease, Chrohn’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis or a kidney disease often struggle with a Vitamin D deficiency.


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  1. DeutschJill says:

    Do I get Belgian citizenship now that I have a vitamin D deficiency?

  2. TJRicks_TSP says:

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  3. chuletatata says:

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  4. BibliotecaHUVH says:

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  5. AfaraOhoud says:

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  6. MatijaM_PhD says:

    There may be a link between brain plasticity and vitamin D deficiency.

  7. Jill smith says:

    I had no idea that glass blocks abd keeps the sun’s UV rays. Therefore you abd your children arent getting vitamin D from the sun by sitting in from of a window. Very interesting

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