The Symptoms of Sinus Infection In Children!

Children’s sinus infection  is an important problem. It can heal with medication, or it can result in blindness or meningitis. Not every headache should be considered as sinusitis. Headaches may also develop due to different causes or stress. Sinusitis is one of the most insidious diseases that need to be treated in a short time. Read on for the symptoms of sinus infection in children.

Sinusitis is more common in allergic patients when a complete nasal congestion, severe headache or hearing loss is not developed. Sinus infetion is a disease caused by the filling of cavities in the face bones with inflamed tissue. Nasal congestion, yellow-green runny nose, nasal discharge, headache and odor is manifested with difficulty.

What is Sinus Infection

Sinuses; is defined as the air voids in the bones around the nose.Although the symptoms of sinus infection in children are listed as follows, sometimes they can be diagnosed only by examination.

  • cheek sinuses (maxillary sinuses),
  •  Forehead sinuses (frontal sinuses),
  •  Sinuses between the eyes (anterior and posterior ethmoid sinuses)
  •  Sinuses in the genitals (sphenoid sinuses).

In infants and children, the appearance of sinuses in adults and their development by airing is completed to a great extent at 12-14 years of age. However, it will take 22-24 years to take the final shape. Acute sinusitis is a disease caused by viruses most of the time, whose symptoms can completely recover in less than 3 months. Especially in the treatment of acute sinusitis, the correct use of antibiotics is important. For this reason, the doctor recommended antibiotics should be used. It can be softened the flow of streams with sprinklers, and it should be remembered that resting at home is an important option in treatment.

The Symptoms of chronic sinus infection are long lasting

In chronic sinusitis, symptoms last longer than 3 months. If the child is experiencing an episode of sinusitis 4-6 times a year, he / she should be evaluated for ear nose throat examination for allergy and nasal flesh. Very good results are obtained with early diagnosis and appropriate medication especially in pediatric sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis should be considered
If the child has some of the following symptoms, an otolaryngologist should be consulted.

  1.  Stubborn cough that occurs at night or in the morning,
  2. Yellow-green colored dark runny nose,
  3. Feeling of pressure around the eyes,
  4. Breath bad smell,
  5. Odor removal disorder,
  6. Nausea and vomiting
  7.  Cold (flu / flu) lasting more than 10-14 days, sometimes mild fever
  8. Nasal congestion and snoring,
  9. Burning of the throat, sometimes with the flow of nasal
  10.  Behavioral changes
  11.  No overt headache (especially after 6 years
  12.  Fatigue and fatigue

Accurate diagnosis can be made with accurate examination
A detailed family history, allergic history and possible risk factors should be questioned before the patient starts to have an otolaryngology examination. After endoscopic examination, imaging methods should be consulted if necessary. In the diagnosis of pediatric sinusitis, sinus tomography should be performed by computerized sinus tomography. However, tomography should not be used in children unless it is compulsory.

Child sinusitis treatment may require surgery

Conditions requiring surgery for sinuses in children sinusitis are cases that are resistant to drug treatment. Surgical treatment is an important option in abscess formation around the eye. In children with chronic sinusitis or with a large amount of tonsil infection, the removal of the nasal bone and, if necessary, the tonsils is not a treatment for chronic sinusitis.

An adjunctive treatment should also be performed. Endoscopic sinus surgery is the preferred treatment modality in chronic sinusitis which cannot be treated despite nasal and tonsil operations performed in appropriate content and time and in cases where medical treatment is required. Surgery in children is a good treatment option. The most important purpose of surgery is to open the sinus mouths and clean the inside of the sinuses.

Factors Increasing Sinus Infection Risk

  • Spring allergy or other allergies
  • Diseases that prevent the function of small hairs in the sinuses
  • Sudden changes in altitude in situations such as air travel and divin
  •  Cystic fibrosis
  •  The weakening of the immune system as a result of HIV complications or chemotherap
  •  Facial bone abnormalities
  •  Diabetes

Sinusitis Treatment in 5 Days

The most common symptoms of sinusitis are severe headache and pressure behind the nose and eyebrows. Although there are many painkiller medications to get rid of pain, they are not always effective on sinusitis. We will share with you some methods of treatment of sinusitis, especially natural materials that will suffer from headaches.

How is it prepared?

  • You will need black turpa and apple vinegar to prepare this natural treatment.
  • Put the radish in a jar, cover with vinegar and leave for 10 days at room temperature with shaking occasionally
  •  At the end of 10 days, open the jar and smell the mixture for 5 minutes
  •  To pass the headache at night, put a cloth you soaked in this mixture on your forehead.
  •  If you apply this treatment for 5 days, you will notice a noticeable decrease in the symptoms caused by sinusitis.

Another method that is quick and easy is to boil the grated radish in water.
After the radish is thoroughly boiled, pour into a large container. Soak your head in a towel over your head for a few minutes. This method will allow you to relax immediately.

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