Swollen lip causes , symptoms and treatment

Although swelling in the mouth is uncomfortable, it is usually not a major problem. Injuries, allergies and infections are the most common causes of lip swelling. But in addition to lip swelling, if you have difficulty breathing, you should seek medical advice immediately. Swollen lip causes can be too much. Swollen lips can have a variety of causes, including viral infection (herpes), allergic reactions, serious injury and even very serious discomfort, including cost-effective care products.

Medical explanation of the condition is the accumulation of the liquid in the lip tissue or inflammation in the inner region of the lip accumulates at some point and sometimes causes swelling in the lower lip, sometimes in the upper lip and sometimes in both lips.

Causes of swollen lip

Lip swelling usually occurs when you strike or injure your mouth once. But that’s not the only reason.  Angioedema may be one of the causes of swollen lip.

  1.  Mudblowing If you hurt your mouth in some way, it is likely that the lip swells.
  2. Allergies Allergies are the second most common cause of lip swelling. In people with allergies to certain substances, contact with these substances may result in lip swelling. Latex Allergy: Natural rubber latex allergy in people with skin itching, swelling, such as symptoms are shown. Especially in sleeping beds with latex, people who do not want to have their lips contacted with this material are the end result. Penicillin Allergy: In addition to lip swelling, rash, rash and itchiness are seen. Food Allergy: Egg, fish, lactose, peanuts, soy, olive or milk may cause. Cosmetic Products Allergy: Lip moisturizer, lip ointment or rash against some people allergies may occur. Pollen Allergy: Pollen allergy, especially in spring time, can cause lip swelling beside nasal discharge, cough, shortness of breath and pruritus.
  3. Sun Cracking or Lip Cracking Cracked lips can cause swelling.
  4. Vitamin Deficiency Swelling on the lips sometimes results in lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B deficiency. If the corners of your lips are swollen, it is likely to be due to lack of vitamins.
  5. Flying Influenza is an infection that causes fluid to collect bubbles that are caused by viruses. Eels may be on the top or sides of the mouth. It can also be caused by herpes simplex virus attacking the lip tissues. In this case, your lips appear to be inflamed and even a slight touch can cause pain.

swollen lip allergic reaction

  1. Angioedema It is an allergic reaction to your bosom that your body has shown against insect bites or drugs. The face can cause the tongue and the mouth to swell.
  2. Infections Infections caused by fungi, viruses or bacteria can cause lip swelling. If your lips are cracked, infections can get through the openings. Lip Balm Treatment It is important to find the underlying cause first to prevent lip swelling. For example, adequate and balanced nutrition will be required for vitamin deficiency. Antibiotics will work for a bacterial infection. There are other effective ways to do this.

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