Baby Sticky Eyes Causes And Treatment

Sticky eyes ; We may not be able to open our eyelids when we wake up in the morning. Sticky eyes can be a problem in any family. Don’t worry right now. Go to the bathroom and wash your face with warm water. Why are sticky eyes only in the morning? Our eyes are not sticky and constantly cleaned because we blink our eyes constantly Tears constantly clean the inside of our eyes and thus prevent sticky formation.

What Is Sticky Eyes ?

Sticky eyes in children is a common yellowish and sticky condition. This disease is usually seen in the morning when they wake up from sleep and is temporary, if your child continues to do so during the day and do not have eye burrs what should you do? Everything in our article about eye burring in children …

Be Carefull for Sticky Eyes in gray, yellow and green

  • Sticky eyes problems during the day, except when you wake up.
  • Sticky and dense viscous burrs
  • Redness or swelling in eyes
  • Stinging sensation in eyes
  • Brn-like flakes on the eyelids, crusting
  • stickydischarge
  • Clear vision due to sticky eyes


Conjunctivitis is infectious, allergic or chemically present. Conjunctival tissue covering the eyeball and / or lids for any reason is regionally or commonly edematous and hyperemic. In some cases, valve edema or corneal involvement may also accompany the picture. Aqueous, mucoid or purulent burring is typical.

Newborn conjunctivitis  occurs in the first month of life. Hyperemia is characterized by mild swelling and discharge in the valves. The most common causes of conjunctivitis in the neonatal period are; chemical irritants, bacteria, chlamydia, and more rarely herpes simplex virus. Treatment of neonatal conjunctivitis should be performed urgently.

Eye Allergies

Eye allergies occur when our immune system reacts to certain substances and our eyes overreact. Our eyes can be defended against various substances such as pollen, powder, makeup. This can cause edema and infection in the eyes.

sticky eyes

Eye Dryness

Dry eye is a condition where the layer that normally protects the front of the eye and keeps it wet is missing or irregular. This layer is a layer that protects the eye from various external factors (such as dust, wind) and some microorganisms. Dry eye symptoms occur due to problems in this layer and this is called dry eye.

Corneal ulser

Corneal ulcer is an open wound in the corneal layer. Disease caused by microbes in general; It occurs with a number of symptoms. Redness of the eye, blood sitting, itching and discharge, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, severe eye pain, hazy or blurred vision and white spot on the cornea; Ulcer. If left untreated, it can cause partial vision loss and blindness. Factors causing corneal ulcers; Ignoring cleanliness during contact lens use, touching by hand, allows the lens to catch germs when removing the lens. In addition, lens solutions used at home may also be effective. In addition, as a result of scratching the cornea, microbial infection may cause fungal-induced corneal ulcers.

People with impaired immune system may develop virus and fungal-induced corneal ulcers. Many conditions, such as exposure to daylight, stress, and poor nutritional deficiencies, can weaken the immune system. Simplex virus is a serious cause of corneal ulcer. In addition, factors that may cause advanced eye allergy, various inflammatory diseases, foreign bodies escaping to the eye, severe dry eye, facial paralysis and other reasons caused by the complete closure of the eyelids can cause corneal ulcers. In addition, the fact that contact lenses are not removed while lying at night is also effective. Corneal ulcer which is very important must be treated.

Sticy Eyes İn Babies

Another cause of sticky eyes  in infants is neonatal conjunctivitis. In these cases, you should consult your ophthalmologist and get the necessary treatment.

I have a 5 year old son and he loves playing with sand. One morning he woke up, crying, saying he couldn’t open his eyelids. There were yellow stickies around his eyes. We washed her face every day with baby shampoo, and a week later the stickies ran away.One of the causes of sticky lakes may be blocked tear duct.

If your baby has the same disease, you should try washing her face twice a day with baby shampoo.

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