What is Parentese language?

The first months are the most difficult months for baby care. that we don’t understand what our baby needs. As soon as your baby is born, we would like to meet her needs and sometimes we may be sleepless and hungry.If you speak to your baby slowly and as if you are singing, you will notice that she is listening to you, this is an example of parentese language. Fortunately, babies grow up quickly and we relax slowly.Your baby tries to imitate the sounds she hears when she is 4 months old.  When you talk to him, pay attention to the gentle and slow talk.

Parentese language means baby language . Most of the development of the brain is completed by the age of 3 so education is very important for children before 3 years of age. We should be interested in teaching him something. For example ; we must speak by making changes or spelling in our voice. To teach babies how to talk, it is essential to have some knowledge of the exercises to be done. Each of these exercises is the kind you can easily do in the comfort of your home. Therefore, in this article you will find some tips for accomplishing this important task.

Exercise For Parentese Language : Read Story

Stories written for children have all the necessary features to stimulate their emotional development. To exercise between stories, you can select an object in the book and show it with your finger. You can accustom them to listen to us and then give the book to him and ask him to “read”.

Exercise: Children’s Songs

what is Parentese language

you can slowly speak to your baby

The purpose of all children’s songs is to teach them something. But each contains a hidden element that children cannot resist, which allows them to learn and have fun. These songs improve children’s vocabulary. It is both easy and fun. This pushes children to say a few words and then long sentences.

what is Parentese language

you can slowly speak to your baby

Exercise: Puppet Theater

This fun exercise allows your child to show interest in dialogue between characters. Puppets designed for children are useful tools to teach them to speak. Because children are eager to talk to them, to identify them and to respond to them. You can enrich your play by using other objects. Costumes and animations are among the other items you can use.

Exercise: Pictures

In order to nurture the abstract skill we call ”linguistic ability”, it is important that children match the pictures they see with the words that describe it. Therefore, to provide semantic and dialectical information, you can show a number of pictures, drawings and different types of photographs. So you can help your child to create a new concept and learn a new word. For this, we recommend that you define everything you see in the picture.

What is the recommended age for starting these exercises?

After six months, it is common for children to know the meaning of smile, take care of it when spoken, and make their first voice. At this age, it is essential to use the right stimuli. Between nine and eighteen months, the baby can respond with double syllable words, show anything he wants with his finger, refuse and accept it, knows the name of many things and people and starts using some gestures. From the age of two, he can say the words exactly and show that he knows their meaning. This indicates that it can be stimulated by exercises designed to teach it to speak. At the age of 36 months, your child is ready to do all the exercises mentioned above. Some are more capable than others

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