Obesity childhood causes

The excess weight that threatens human health most in our time also affects not only the elderly but also the children anymore. Obesity childhood causes seen are usually caused by fast food . Another cause of obesity seen in childhood is constantly watching television at home and inactivity.

The fact that the energy is consumed more than the energy consumed, restricting life by preventing the movements of the excess kilos which are manifested as over fat accumulation in the body. Again the excess calories, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, fat and disrupts sugar metabolism, leading to many important diseases that negatively affect life such as vascular occlusion and diabetes mellitus. More importantly, it causes a severe psychological disorder in the child, leading to its isolation from the outside world, the deterioration of family relations and the fall of the school’s success.

Obesity Childhood Causes What Can Be Done

Children should be prevented from getting more weight first. However, after this is achieved, they should go to weight loss or weakening. Children use 12% of their calories for growth and development differently than adults. Energy constraints first used for growth and development when they receive less nutrients than they need. This should not be forgotten when nutrition is planned in the child. You might think it’s hard for you to lose weight. Click on the link to read the article about easy and healthy weight loss.

The planned nutrition program must be feasible. It should meet the child’s daily needs. Normal growth and development should continue. It includes enough calories and basic nutritional elements. Protein should be balanced in terms of carbohydrate and fat content. 30% of the daily calorie should be derived from fat, 50% from carbohydrates and 20% from proteins. The protein should be regulated according to the ideal daily weight and should not be less than 1.5-2 grams per kilo per day. A diet of 1200-2000 calories suitable for the child’s age and living conditions can be recommended for a start.

Nutritional recommendations should be directed towards improving a healthy lifestyle rather than weight loss. The target weight can take 1.5-2 years to reach. This must be accepted from the beginning by the family and the child.

Childhood Obesity What Parents Can Do

  • Watch what your child is eating for a while. Make a note of all the nutrients you have received, with the amounts and times, and pass it on to your doctor.
  • Make sure you eat your meal together with the family at the time when all your family members are together.
    Limit fatty foods. These are cola drinks, soda, ready-made fruit juices, chocolate, wafer freezes, sugar and candies (food should be reduced as much as possible), pastry, pie, cake, nuts and the like.
  • Carbohydrates and oil-rich foods should be restricted. honey, jam, molasses, shokella, bread, pasta, rice, pastry, ravioli, pastry desserts, dairy desserts, fried foods in oil and oil.
  • The oil in the oven should be reduced, no additional oil should be added.
  • Cooking habits should be corrected. Prepared foods called fast food and fast food should be restricted. hamburger, french fries, döner bread, salami, sausage, hot dogs. It is allowed to eat one of these foods once a week.
  • Calorie-rich foods should not be eaten between meals. Snacking should be abandoned.
  • Fast food should not be eaten, and after the meal starts, it must pass for 20 minutes in order to get a feeling of satiation to the brain. If the fast food is eaten, the food is taken too much without reaching the feeling of satiety. Our ancestors did not say “I chew 40 times”.
  • Children should take 3 meals a day, 3 meals a day and the calories they should take daily should be divided into 6 meals. the weight is taken because the meal is eaten in excess amount.)
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  10. KateTeachesK says:

    I found a great resource that details the causes and risk factors of childhood obesity which affects 18% of all U.Sā€¦

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