Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

No woman wants to have stretch marks during pregnancy so she buys expensive creams. So do creams help protect us from stretch marks? How to prevent stretch marks? Let’s go for learn about natural remedies for pregnancy stretch marks..

Especially as the birth of the baby approaches, about half of pregnant women develop red, slightly sunken, irregular lines on the skin of the abdomen, sometimes on the breast skin and hip. In addition to these red lines, silver or white lines can be seen in women who have given birth before. These are the lines from the previous pregnancy. After birth, these red lines turn silver-white in months.

How to prevent stretch marks

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Some lucky women will not have stretch marks, and this may be you. Whether or not there are stretch marks in your body, you should moisten your body with natural oils every day.

The formation of these lines is largely genetic and cannot be prevented. So in this case, you can refer to your mother’s pregnancy story. While some women do not have any stretch marks at all, we can observe intense stretch marks in others, although much attention is paid. As a reason, we can show hormonal changes during pregnancy, weight gain and skin tension.

Although there are many anti-stretch mark products on the market, their impact is limited. A simple baby oil, such as almond oil, will do the same thing, as the important thing is to keep these moisture from getting deeper, keeping them moist. Your lifestyle is also important here. For example, regular nutrition, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking are protective. While these lines are still red after childbirth, the dermatologist’s recommendation should be taken before it becomes white.

Care is very important for every woman .You can reach for our article about pregnancy skin care.

Oily Massage

Oily massages, which are among the methods of preventing stretch marks that occur during pregnancy, elasticize the areas where the skin is stretched. Massage can be applied to the whole body with olive oil in every home. In addition, products such as cocoa butter, jojoba oil, germ oil can be used. Especially cocoa butter is the most used oil in preventing stretch marks. To benefit from its moisturizing feature, it can be applied to the areas of the body that are likely to form stretch marks every day.

Eating Healthy is Just as Important

There is no need to explain the importance of a healthy diet for a long time. Nutrition is very important for a mother with two lives. For the elasticity of the skin, extra attention should be paid to nutrition. It makes the skin supple thanks to vitamins and minarels in some foods. Especially foods containing vitamin E and C will be useful in this sense.

Do not spend too much money for creams. Natural olive oil is the best cream for you. There is a solution for every problem and after birth you can go to the dermotologist and get rid of the stretch marks.

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    Very accurate info for mamas! And can’t underestimate pregnancy safe exercise for blood flow and elasticity too!

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