Lowered Immune System Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling and we feel very strong during pregnancy. However, immunity decreases due to hormones that are secreted during pregnancy. Some mothers may have a lowered immune system during early pregnancy. This lowering system may make the mother susceptible to infection. This increases the risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. Cold and flu can be passed easily in this way is more severe.

What is the immune system?

Lowered Immune System Early Pregnancy

It is a protective system that protects the body from all kinds of harmful pathogens, microorganisms that may come from outside, and cleanses the body from certain substances perceived as foreign in the body. This system can be called the immune system. This word comes from the Latin word ‘immunitas’. It means free, independent. In fact, the body is free and independent, the invasion of harmful by the invasion refers to those.

lowered immune system causes

If the person has gum diseases, fatigue, frequent inflammation of the urinary tract, stomach problems, sore throat, diarrhea, late healing and frequent recurrent influenza, colds, allergies, it is thought that the immune system is weakened. Such conditions can be caused by the pathogen entering the body, as well as being over-stressed, irregular and malnutrition, alcohol and cigarette consumption, poor hygiene conditions, insomnia, iron deficiency, excessive sunlight weaken this system.

In addition, nutritional deficiencies can also cause deterioration of the immune system. Since the body has to provide vitamins and nutrients necessary minerals for both mother and baby, nutritional deficiency developing during pregnancy can also cause weakening of the immune system. When the body’s defense mechanism is weakened. The mother may experience extreme fatigue, weakness and nausea, as well as general pregnancy symptoms. In addition, the immune system can be susceptible to various diseases and ailments during the early pregnancy during which the immune system is lowered.

How to increase the immune system

Vegetable and fruit-based nutrition, foods with high folic acid content, high levels of calcium and iron, yogurt, fish, milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables, yellow, orange and red colored vegetables, walnuts, almonds, citrus fruits, peanuts spices such as seeds, broccoli, flax seeds, red meat, probiotics, turmeric and ginger should be consumed in a balanced way. Pregnancy exercises, which can be considered mild during pregnancy, provide positive contributions to both the health of the baby. And the mother and help the mother to give birth easily.

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