How many words should 12 month old say?

The baby can hear better and wish better when they are 12 months old. If you think there’s a problem with her hearing, ask her to see her doctor. In the early years, some children cannot talk, but mostly in these months the children try to talk, though not full, say some words. You can easily tell objects and familiar expressions. How many words should 12 month old say? Girls learn to speak before their children. In this period, the child understands what is said but has difficulty to say.

speech development age 1

how many words should 12 month old say, After the age of one, the vocabulary increases gradually. Learns new words and repeats these words continuously. He doesn’t use old words, but he doesn’t forget them either. Sometimes he can make two-word sentences.Don’t worry if your baby understands what you say and can’t talk yet.

Simple syllables, consisting of a sound, a silent letter, are consecutive times; Like mama, dady … Although the first real words seem to be these, most children learn their first words between 9-14 months.

12 Month Baby Development

What can a 12 month old baby do? One year old babies love to clap, they can stand and walk. Don’t give her anything because she’s a baby. Babies can drink her drink from the cup. Some children can wear their shoes and clothes themselves. You can support her by trusting your child. Help the baby to give up slowly if there is a bottle or pacifier. Let the first step to play with the toys when you start walking, these toys let them win their trust.

Your baby now has feelings of learning, research and curiosity. Babies during this period; it can sort, try to speak clearly, react to the words it knows, recognize, monitor and simulate you. These movements become more evident as they approach the 24th month. Breast milk is still in the forefront in terms of 12-month-old infant nutrition. Besides, the baby can be given foods such as fruits, vegetables, soup and cereals. Feeding up, 12-month-old baby sleeping order also has a very important place.

1 year old baby is mobile during this period and can sleep 10-12 hours. When it comes to 2 years of child development, the baby’s efforts to declare independence and socialization come to mind. The attitude of parents in this period is very effective on the happiness of children, social and intelligence development.

Intelligence level of growing infants with mother or grandmother or more growing baby.Watching television or video for babies is the biggest punishment for them. Mental retardation is observed in babies who watch too much television or video. When you’re busy with housework, try to talk to your baby while changing. Watching her in the video does not hurt the baby, she will do more harm to the baby. Some babies can talk late so you can support her by reading her book and asking questions.

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