Can I Eat Spicy Foods While Pregnant: Is it safe?

Spices that add flavor to the food. There is a difference between food made only with salt and spice added. That’s why we like spicy foods. But when we are pregnant, we have questions such as whether are spicy foods safe for baby  or Can pregnant women eat spicy foods? .  Let’s go to depth article for answers.

Can you eat spicy food when you are pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can eat spicy foods and while breastfeeding is naturally absorbed and processed by the organism. However, the amounts are usually so small that the likelihood of an impact on the unborn child or the quality of breast milk is zero. Mothers in other countries, where there is a tradition of spicy eating, do not change their eating habits with pregnancy, but only respond with an adapted diet if heartburn or another stomach upset is present. As long as spicy food has always been one of pregnant women standard dishes, this will not be a problem. It is particularly important to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet and to avoid “bad” foods.


Many spicy foods and spices have ingredients with an antibacterial effect. Onions, garlic and other spicy vegetables have long been found to have antibiotic and disinfectant properties. Eating sheep is also good for oral hygiene, because it stimulates the flow of saliva and thus harmful bacteria are better eliminated.

If there are already stomach problems, a spicy meal can be unhealthy for the body, because the increased production of gastric juices can aggravate the symptoms. Stomach pain and gastritis can be the most arduous consequences if a sensitive stomach has to digest spicy or spicy food – or the body reacts with diarrhea to eating this food.

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Heartburn: In the meals, especially after eating spicy, fatty and acidic foods, the burning sensation in the throat and chest together with hiccups is called heartburn. Among the causes of heartburn is reflux, a chronic condition. Whatever causes heartburn, it decreases people’s quality of life and is annoying.

Nausea:If you consume spicy foods over dinner, you may have stomach pain or nausea when you wake up in the morning.

Are Spicy Foods Safe For Baby?

Many expectant or breastfeeding mothers are still afraid that spicy food will harm the child. From the doctor’s point of view, however, the consumption of spicy or spicy foods during pregnancy or breastfeeding does not pose any increased risks for the child. So pregnant women  can continue to have such foods on the menu without any problems, as long as the ladies feel comfortable and does not consume tons of these hot spices and foods.

Are Spicy Foods Safe For You?

In general, a balanced and healthy diet should be observed during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You should definitely take this into account when it is your turn to shop. This requirement alone should actually reduce a one-sided too spicy and spicy food. Even if the experts rule out a risk for mother and child, the spiciness and strength of the seasoning should be selected so that pregnant women always feels good and comfortable when consumed.

  • During pregnancy you have to do without some favorite foods and pay attention to your diet.
  • If you are in the mood for spicy food, you can safely enjoy these meals. Spicy food won’t harm your baby.
  • There are various theories as to why pregnant women suddenly feel like hot spices. This could possibly indicate a zinc deficiency.
  • However, it is also possible that pregnant women unconsciously provoke sweating by eating spicy food. The evaporative cold caused by sweat cools the body down a little. This can be quite pleasant during hot flashes during pregnancy.
  • It is also possible that the cravings for spicy foods come about due to the change in taste perception during pregnancy.
  • What causes cravings ultimately doesn’t matter. If you feel like it, season to your heart’s content – unless the spice is harmful.
  • Certain spices should be avoided during pregnancy, such as coriander. Seasoning with pepper, chilli or other hot spices can cause heartburn. If you have no problem with it, you can still season it a little more vigorously.

Can pregnant women eat spicy foods? F.A.Q

When eating something between meals or meals, the baby's mobility increases in response to an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. Again, when the expectant mother is very stressed and nervous, baby movements will increase as adrenaline production increases. Spicy foods and especially desserts increase the baby's movements.
Spicy foods do not harm the baby. So you can eat safely. You should consult your doctor about what spices you should avoid. Some spices, such as coriander, may be inconvenient for pregnant women.
It is inconvenient for pregnant women to eat pineapple in the first trimester of pregnancy. According to some experts, excess pineapple increases the content of bromelain in the body, affects the cervix, which causes a low or premature birth. In the first trimester, it causes vomiting, skin rash and uterine contractions.

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