Ear Cleaning – How to do safely ?

Dear mothers and fathers; To clean your child’s ear, do not use ear muffs, toothpicks, matchsticks, ear pads. It is enough for your child to have ear buds for ear cleaning and then take the nail in their ears with a thin towel or cheesecloth. ear cleaning is a sensitive issue.

As in all living things, your child’s ears clean themselves. If you try to clean it from the outside, the body will prevent its cleaning function and cause ear plugs called boson. Just as our eyes, our mouth, our nose are releasing a fluid to clean itself; In our ears there is a special fluid secretion called serumen that cleans itself. This liquid, which is yellow, golden yellow, light brown color, keeps dust, horns, microbes and all kinds of foreign substances coming into the outer head.

How To Clean Baby Ears

This secretion is carried towards the ear bucket by the movements of the fine flickering fur on the outer ear path. If we try to clean this secretion with stuff like ear muffs, toothpicks, matches, ear pads, we will push it along with the foreign materials in this secretion towards the ear drum. In the meantime, we will break the movements of the shaky hairs trying to throw the secretion out for a while.

The body continues to secrete secretion. However, since the flickering fur does not work, the secretion accumulates in the external auditory canal. Even if the flickering fur starts to work later, it is not strong enough to pull the saliva out. That’s when the ears, called bows, continue to accumulate in the outer ear canal. As a result, clogging the ear canal can cause hearing loss in your child.

Mothers and fathers take this accumulation (bouchon) in the outer ear canal, sometimes seen from the outside. Often they can not take it and push it deeper. They may also cause irritation, injury and bleeding in the external ear canal. Dear parents; The yellow, golden, yellowish, light brown fluid you see on your ear with your outer ear canal and ear piercing is a very precious fluid that protects your child’s ear. Do not get rid of using ear muffs, toothpicks, matchsticks and ear pads. Essential essence: It is enough to clean your child’s ears with a thin towel, cloth or gauze after bathing.

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  1. Herbert11968 says:

    Root canal, cyst removal, ear wax cleaning, hair waxing, pedicure, haircut, and colonoscopy to name a few.

  2. Trish22915458 says:

    That ear must taste DISGUSTING. Her tongue is cleaning it out

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    Ok folks,

    Please please please do not use cotton buds or Q-tips. I spend many days excavating impacted wax from de…

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