Coconut Oil For Babies – How Do I Use For My Baby?

We, moms, love everything that is natural and coconut oil is one of them. Coconut oil is an oil with heart health, oral health, and other health benefits. It is obtained structurally from coconut beans. It is flavorless and colorless. But we can ask this questions  ; Is coconut oil safe for babies and How do ı use for my baby? Let’s go deep into the article and learn everything about coconut oil for babies.

Coconut oil benefits for babies

Coconut oil can also be used safely in infants. But, it is recommended to test your baby’s skin in a small area before using it. Because your baby may be allergic to coconut oil.

To apply coconut oil on your baby’s skin or lips, take a small piece of coconut oil on your hand and apply it to your baby before it melts.

Clears Up Baby Acne

If your baby has small pimples, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the affected areas twice a day until the pimple ends. Antiseptic essential fatty acids in coconut oil help prevent and eliminate bacterial infections when taken orally or directly on the skin.

Use as massage oil

You can massage your body with coconut oil to relax your baby. You can also put a few drops of coconut oil in your baby’s bath water to instantly moisturize your skin.

Relieve teething pain

Apply coconut oil directly to the gums or add a drop to her favorite teething toys to relieve pain

Repairs dry and chapped lips

Babies’ lips dry faster than adults. Take a clean cotton and dip a little in coconut oil and rub it around your lips.

Relieve the baby in a cold

A cold can make it hard for your baby to breathe and turn into fever if left untreated. Heat coconut oil with a volatile oil, such as peppermint or eucalyptus oil, and rub it on your baby’s chest for a soothing relief.

In case of chickenpox, use coconut oil, both internally and topically, to relieve pain and itching. It is good for relieving itching, reducing inflammation, reducing the severity and duration of the disease.

How do I use coconut oil on my baby’s head?

If it becomes difficult to comb the baby’s hair, apply a small amount of coconut oil to your hair during the bath. It will keep your baby’s hair soft and silky. If your little kids have lice in their hair, you can use coconut oil to remove lice.

If your baby has a dry skin problem on his scalp, coconut oil will not only nourish your baby’s skin, but also completely end dryness. Use a teaspoon daily.

Pure coconut oil is solid in cold weather, but melts quickly at 24 degrees or above. Pour 1 cup of hot water into a small bowl. That’s why you can melt it by adding it in hot water. Rub and massage your baby’s hair with a teaspoon of coconut cotton When the water becomes warm. Wait 10 minutes and bathe your baby.

You can use coconut oil for gas massage, especially for colic babies.
If your baby's face has things like pimples, pharmacy or a rash, coconut oil can remedy them.
Lavender, coconut, olive, lemon, tea tree and many more oils are beneficial and safe for your baby's sensitive skin

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