Can We Make Sugar Water For Babies ?

I’ve heard a lot about sugar water for babies. You may have a lot of problems in the first months. Some of those ; sugar water for constipation, gas, sleep, and even colic. Is it safe sugar water for babies and  Can I give my baby sugar? You can go deep into our article to learn the answers to questions and learn about sugar water for babies.

Some people may try to give you ideas about your baby. Do not forget to do research before applying these ideas. For example ;  A friend was giving water to her two month old baby, is that true? Should infants give water?

Is it OK to give 2 month old water?

Sugar Water For Babies

Water, which is of vital importance for the human body, is of course also necessary for babies, but there is a time for it. In this regard, pediatricians state that the baby should only be fed with breast milk in the first 6 months without even water. And In other words, experts recommend that babies should not be given water in the first 6 months

In the first 6 months, if the baby is given water in addition to breast or mother’s milk, the baby’s thirst will decrease and this will cause growth retardation due to insufficient energy intake.

The period to start giving water to babies regularly is the period when additional food consumption occurs. Because as the amount of renewed food increases and its consistency solidifies, the baby’s need for fluid will increase. At this point, the healthiest way to meet the baby’s fluid needs is water.

  • The most important point to be considered here is the quality of the water to be given to the baby. Water must be clean and healthy. Mothers and fathers should choose the water they will drink to their babies with great care and care. It should also be noted that the water given during this period should not be excessive.

Sugar water for babies constipation

For constipation, it is necessary to drink at least three liters of water a day. Honey is an effective method for constipation, but; It is not recommended by experts to consume honey for babies under 1 year old.

There is no sugar in the food list of babies who switch to supplementary food. Dessert is made with natural products such as dates and honey or snacks are prepared by mixing homemade yogurt and jam. Sugar is not a healthy food, so sugar water is not recommended for babies. sugar water for babies is made and given only by doctors


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    Really good read!

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    Totally agree, water is essential but not for a young baby to drink alone. Baby could become full from drinking just water and needs vital nutrients from formula or it’s mother’s breastmilk in order to grow.

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