can we eat fruit and vegetables seed

In summer, especially for children or mothers; consumption of bitter almonds, zirconia, cherries, peaches and apple cores, especially apricots, can lead to poisoning. We love fruit food but can we eat  fruit seed ? I Amygdalin ”, a highly toxic substance found in the nucleus of many fruits, dissolves in the intestine and leads to the emergence of a cyanide compound, cyanide. This substance, which has a very toxic effect, can lead to sudden child death.

Apricot can poison poisonous seed

can we eat  fruit seed ? Olan Amygdalin ”which is found in the nuclei of some fruits taken from the mouth causes the v cyanide v, which is highly toxic, to dissolve in the intestines. Cyanide compounds, which can be produced by chemical means, can be produced by a variety of species in nature in some species. Life-threatening cyanide intoxications can cause severe health problems with severe clinical manifestations. This situation, which can lead to sudden importance due to poisoning in children, causes the prospective mothers to consume these nuclei in the first months of pregnancy. And to prepare the baby for hydrocephalus and negative kidney development. Even the consumption of 5-25 pieces of some apricot species from the bitter seed causes poisoning.

Watch out for signs of poisoning!

The apricot kernels that cause burns in the esophagus and stomach, pass from the stomach to the intestines and dissolve in the alkaline environment within 10 minutes. After thawing the cyanide rapidly absorbed in the intestine; blood cells, spleen, brain, lung and heart, especially spread to all the tissues and prevents the use of oxygen by the cells leads to a severe clinical picture. In the initial phase of intoxication; redness, sweating, palpitations, rapid breathing, excessive secretion (secretion) in the mouth, headache and vomiting and symptoms such as vomiting occur. With the emergence of poisoning; rapidly developing respiratory disorder, blood pressure drop, faintness, fever, referral, stroke, bruising and consequently respiratory arrest become inevitable. The color of the skin turns red until the respiratory stops, widening in pupils and loss of light response.

The smell of bitter almond in the patient’s breath

l deterioration suggests poisoning. In particular, the smell of bitter almonds in the patient’s breath. The red blood sample taken in bright red, increased blood sugar. The rise of ST due to cellular hypoxia in the ECG (oxygen reduction) indicates the table of poisoning.

What should be considered?

  • Do not induce vomiting during oral poisoning.
  • Try to find out what is poisoning food.
  •  The risk of removing and eating fruit seeds should be taken into consideration especially with the knowledge of children and their families.
    The first procedure in the intervention of the core poisonings is the emptying of the stomach. Gastric washing is carried out and this process is continued until the smell of cyanide has passed.

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