Can pregnant women eat salmon? Is it safe ?

One of the most preferred fish among people is salmon and one of the frequently asked questions about salmon is it okay for pregnant women to eat salmon? Can pregnant women eat salmon, let’s go deep into our article for the answer to the question.

Fish are great and nutritious foods for adults, but fish can harm people at certain times. People can get various infectious diseases because they eat fish during these periods. In a special period such as pregnancy, the mother should pay attention to the foods she eats. Food that does not harm the mother can harm the baby and its development, even if it is beneficial like fish.

Nutrition during pregnancy with fish

Nutrition during pregnancy is an important factor in achieving a healthy birth. Medical professionals recommend that pregnant and lactating women eat up to two portions of fish a week. The species rich in healthy oils such as salmon, trout, herring, mackerel and cod will also contribute to protecting you and your baby in terms of DHA and EPA that your body needs during pregnancy. Research has shown that the brain functions of children of mothers who eat fish during pregnancy are more advanced in feeding compared to children of mothers without seafood.

Seafood offers many benefits for both mother and child;

  • Increasing omega-3 fatty acid levels in seafood in the late stages of pregnancy may decrease the risk of postpartum depression. In the last months of pregnancy, DHA and EPA, the natural healthy oils of the mother, discharge because the child is concentrated in the brain. It is seen that eating more seafood in the late stages of pregnancy and restoring omega-3 fats reduce the risk of depression.
  • Regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids in seafood helps children improve brain function, better physical coordination and even social skills in later life.
  • Eating seafood rich in natural fats during pregnancy helps the children have a healthy bone and skeletal structure by activating calcium in the body thanks to its vitamin D content.
  • Thanks to its iodine content, seafood helps maintain energy levels, regulate metabolism and grow. Iodine deficiency can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, depression, and swelling of the thyroid gland.

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Can you eat salmon when pregnant ?

can pregnant women eat smoked salmon

Salmon tastes delicious in all variations. It is perfect for breakfast on a roll, with rice or in a casserole. So it’s no wonder if you often feel hungry for salmon during pregnancy. It really can’t be bad to eat it – can it? After all, salmon contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids and is considered to be particularly healthy. A little uncertainty remains, however, because most women have heard of food infections and want to protect the baby from this danger.

In fact, salmon is one of the foods that you can safely enjoy during pregnancy if it is properly prepared. Raw fish should be avoided entirely and this applies not only to salmon, but to all types of fish. In addition to salmonella, listeria bacteria also feel very comfortable on raw fish. It can also spoil quickly. Raw salmon should therefore not be on your menu. Smoked salmon is also discouraged.

EnjoY the right preparation of salmon

Even if the raw salmon has been coated, you can still prepare the delicious fish in many other ways. Here you are even spoiled for choice, because the variants are versatile. Is particularly popular

  • Salmon straight from the oven or
  • Fried salmon.

Both types of preparation are the basis for many tasty dishes. It should be noted that the fish is cooked correctly. It should no longer be glassy inside. The high temperatures kill possible bacteria and ensure that you can enjoy the salmon. Of course it is nice when you know where the fish comes from. The waters are now heavily polluted and many fish bring with them a high level of pollutants. It is therefore best to make sure that the salmon come from a farm and are not caught from public waters. In this way you reduce the risk of ingesting pollutants during consumption.

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Can pregnant women eat smoked salmon?

Like raw meats, chilled smoked seafood is also vulnerable to listeria. This includes smoked salmon, smoked trout, white fish, cod, tuna and mackerel. Never eat smoked fish while pregnant.

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