appendicitis symptoms and causes in children

Abdominal pain lasting more than 4 hours, loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness and mild fever  If your child experiences all these symptoms, you may be at risk of appendicitis. It is important to intervene as soon as possible, as the explosion of appendicitis can cause life-threatening disease. The treatment of appendicitis in children and adults is surgery. It can be performed by open surgery or laparoscopic method. Operations performed within the first 24 hours after the onset of symptoms usually do not have perforation.

The appendix, which is one of the areas that still maintain its mystery in the human body, is located in the lower right part of the abdominal cavity. It is located in the region where the small intestine ends, the large intestine begins, and is commonly known as the blind intestine. The appendix, which is a worm-shaped intestinal extension, is approximately 10 centimeters tall, although each person has different lengths. The lumen, the inner part of the organ, which is quite narrow, is longer in children. The lumen closes from the tip to the base with age. The appendix is ​​considered part of the gastrointestinal tract; lymphatic, endocrine or exocrine systems. Because it is a closed environment, it is very easy for microorganisms to reproduce in this region.

Not every abdominal pain is appendicitis

In children, abdominal pain is seen for many reasons except surgical reasons. Diarrhea, constipation, and even otitis media can inflate the lymph nodes in the abdomen and cause abdominal pain. Therefore, not all abdominal pain should be evaluated as appendicitis. The duration of the pain are guiding in the diagnosis, but the appendicitis may progress in the initial stage without giving very typical findings. It may be difficult to recognize appendicitis in a recent table. For this reason, it is very important to keep the child in hospital for a while and to carry out the necessary examinations.

appendicitis in children

Infections pose risks for children

Appendicitis can be considered a tonsil. It is an organ that is rich in lymphatic system and protects the body against infections. One end is attached to the intestine and the other end is closed. If due to the infection of the lymph tissue due to swelling of the thickening of the tissue and becomes blocked, the nutrition of the organ breaks, progresses tissue explodes and inflammation spreads into the abdomen.

More common among school children

When all age groups are considered, the most common emergency procedure in children is appendicitis. It is not seen very often in the first years, then gradually increases. Generally, it is common in the period from school to adolescence. The reason for the prevalence of appendicitis among children is that they are more susceptible to infections.

Attention to small children

Appendicitis has no direct connection to nutrition. However, caution should be exercised when giving small children food. For example, even a simple lemon core can clog the hole and develop appendicitis. In addition, without the nucleus or any other factor, the body’s own  fecalite “called petrified stool can clog the hole and explode appendicitis.

What to do in case of appendicitis

A significant number of children are often afraid to go to the doctor, but they can hide symptoms, but it is not possible to hide the pain of appendicitis. Especially in a table that requires surgical intervention; the child becomes sluggish, becomes a nuisance in walking, nourishes and vomits. The appendicitis explosion is a risk, indicating that the disease is progressing further. However, the patient is not lost when he explodes. As soon as possible, you should go to the hospital. If appendicitis is exploded, the appendicitis is removed, the abdominal is washed and antibiotic treatment is given. In such a table the length of hospital stay will naturally be extended.

Laparoscopic surgery for children to stand up in a short time

Appendicitis surgery is performed in two ways as open and laparoscopic. Which of these children is preferred depends on the age of the child and whether there is an additional disease. In laparoscopic surgery, the incisions are made in 3-4 places on the abdomen by opening the incisions about 1 cm. In open surgery, it is possible to perform appendectomy with an incision of approximately 3-4 cm.


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