The Best baby dandruff cleaning methods

Your baby is born, everything is going very well but what is that! Did yellowish, exfoliated skin appear on his head and face? Don’t worry, this is nothing but a dandruff that can be seen in every newborn! Come on, let’s find out what this baby dandruff is all about!

What Is Baby Dandruff ?

In infants, the host appears as red, inflamed skin covered with oily or dry scales, which may be white, yellowish or gray. It can affect the scalp, eyebrows, forehead, face, nose and ears, the bends, chest, armpits and groin. It is most commonly seen in the scalp in infants and is called the skid cap. Dandruff is a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis and looks like fine white scales without red skin or inflammation. Dandruff can also be caused by other skin conditions, especially in children.

baby dandruff

How to get rid of baby dandruff ?

If you see a host in your baby, you don’t immediately feel poorly clean, because this is a healthy development. The only reason for host formation is that the baby’s sebaceous glands secrete too much. The excess oil is accumulated in the skin and then dried and exfoliated. Thus, the dandruff is revealed. Best and simple remedies; olive oil and cotton or baby oil.

Baby Dandruff How To Remove

How to get rid of baby dandruff, The easiest way to clean baby dandruff is to clean with olive oil. Spread olive oil with cotton on your baby’s head and wait for about half an hour Make sure the comb is too soft. And then carefully massage with your fingertips can help get rid of the dandruff.

Dandruff, which usually occurs in babies that are two or three months old, will spontaneously deplete your baby’s head. But; If you have an hour of free time, you can solve this problem immediately.Don’t forget to has a bath your baby after dandruff cleaning.

  • When buying baby shampoo, pay attention to the ingredients.
  • Apply with olive oil and cotton to the dandruff on your baby’s head and wait half an hour
  • If you don’t have olive oil at home, you can use baby oil. Spread the baby oil on the dandruff on your baby’s head with cotton and wait
  • Your baby has a bath after waiting about an hour.
  • You can do these ways once a week until the dandruff get rid of.

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